Staff and Hours

Allegany County Historical Society


NOTICE about hours….. Our OPEN hours are totally dependent on a volunteer being available to work on a given day.  It is recommended that you check ahead. 

ACHS office is open every Thursday from 10:00am until 4:00pm. 

We welcome you to make appointment for a time that is convenient for you behond this time.  

Special hours are available by appointment;

Phone: Ronald G. Taylor, Executive Director

Cell: 585-610-8668

Office Volunteer - Thursdays - Amy Burgett - 10:00am - 4:00pm
(Backup: Ron Taylor, Stephen Sweet)

Webmaster: Ronald G. Taylor
Co-Webmaster: Stephen L. Sweet

Volunteers who have graciously enlisted to be

                Elaine Hardman                

Gary Goodridge

Glen Hamilton

Christine Holley

Kelley Krause

Karen Meisenheimer

Koko Preston

Michael Weber

Michele Slack 

Trudy Harting 

Deb Esposito 

Christine Holley

Gina Cappello