Auto Racing History

Allentown's Drum Raceway

Drum Raceway

Allentown, New York

By William A. Greene

     Drum Raceway was first built in 1970 as a snowmobile race track. Jim Washer and his family ran the track from beginning to end. In 1971 they opened their doors to stock cars. They ran two divisions, Semi –Late Models and Late Models.

     They ran a circuit with Bradford in Pennsylvania and Woodhull in Steuben County. Drum ran Friday nights, Woodhull ran Saturday nights and Bradford had Sunday races. A few years later, Woodhull dropped its late model division and went to racing modifieds. To some this was a big expense, so they stayed with the late models and went to Drum. Others made the change and stayed at Woodhull.

     Drum Raceway was located on the Drum Road about two miles up from State Rt. 417. It was built on a side hill and was a 1/3 mile track. Flagman was John Powell, photographer was Bob Davison and announcer was Roger Morris.

   Many great races have taken place at this race track by some of the best dirt track drivers in this area. They came from Hornell, Olean, Arcade, and many from Allegany Co. The Layfield family only had to drive up the road a mile or so to get there. It was all worth it.

     In 1980 it all came to an end when someone broke into the track to try his hand at racing and found out he wasn’t very good at it. He ended being seriously injured and later brought a law suit against the track and won. This put an end to Drum Raceway. How sad.

     There are very few photos of the action at Drum. All of the photos were lost in a house fire at Bob Davison’s home.

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 Dick Young No33

...none other than Dick Young......

 Drum Late Model Drivers2

Ron, I went to see Herbie Layfield today; here are the names to the Drum Raceway drivers.  Bubba Greene

 Front Row:  1) Ed Fay  2)__________(Unknown)    3) Bill Layfield   4) Phil Mott Jr.  5) Phil Mott  6) /Bill Riordan; 

Middle Row:  1) Dick Young  2) Monroe Puffer  3) Jerry Skiver  4) Bruce Scafaro   5)Wade Caster; 

Back Row:  1) Jim Hakes  2) Kerry Bhe


On 11/3/2016 1:03 PM, wade caster wrote:  The young man behind both Phil Motts was me, Wade Caster, aka/Butch



    Thank You for identifying yourself as the person in the picture that was not recognized.  You have completed the listing and I appreciate it.  Ron



I think driver #2 might be Dave Kaylor, but I'm not positive. Along with the group of drivers in the picture I raced at all the area tracks. Bradford, Woodhull,  Stateline. I also ran a special race back in the early 80's at the Smethport race track before it opened up to stock cars only. I enjoyed racing with all of these men and many more of them. We would help each other out with tires parts or just whatever it took to get you out on the track to race.  It was like a brotherhood of men who enjoyed racing and family fun.

Thank You Ron and Bill for all your efforts and the wonderful history of the area is safe with you!

Best Regards, Wade Caster, A.K.A./Butch


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