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Whitesville News Changes Hands (1913)

Transcribed from the Andover News, September 12, 1913.



H. M. Peet and Glenn C. Bassett Purchase Paper

H. M. Pete and Glenn C. Bassett of Whitesville, have purchased the Whitesville News of the Cresent Press. Mr. Peet has been the editor of the paper for the past two years, and while the venture has never been a profitable one financially, he has given Whitesville a good home paper. The News will hereafter go into the political game, and be issued and recognized as an organization democratic paper. This will put them in line for some of the state and county printing which is anticipated will make it possible to gve Whitesville people the same newspaper as before, and at the same time make it at any rate pay the expense of issuing.

Success to Messrs. Peet & Bassett in their new venture. They will style themselves the Alleco Printing Co.