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Alfred East Valley Cemetery 1.3

 East Valley Road - - - Town of Alfred, NY

The list below was submitted by and copyright ©2005, 2017 William A. Greene

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This information is taken from Cemetery Records (when available), Andover News Archives, Family & Town Historical Records  & finally,  physically walking the cemetery comparing written records with tombstone information.  We feel that the information is as accurate as it can be provided unless variable information comes forth in the future to disprove.

This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.  Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed)  so we can provide accuracy on the web.  



This list updated with additions & corrections on 3/17/2017.  If you find information or corrections needed email: William A. Greene 


Allen, Ama (wife of Samuel) 43y.4m.16d.   6/27/1827
Beebe, Polly Burdick (wife of Seth) 82y.   3/14/1881
Bently, Hattie A. Cooper (wife of Richard) 0/0/1851 0/0/1897
Bently, Richard (hus. Of Hattie A. Cooper) 0/0/1797 0/0/1878
Burdick, Amos (hus. Of Lydia Coats) 90y.6m.   3/16/1881
Burdick, Amos (son of Amos & Lydia Coats)    
Burdick, Clark 73y.   1/12/1897
Burdick, Clark (hus. Of Elizabeth)    
Burdick, Elizabeth (wife of Clark)    
Burdick, John C. CIVIL WAR 0/0/1843 11/9/1861
Burdick, Lucy Ann (wife of Samuel Lee) 0/0/1808 0/0/1862
Burdick, Lydia Coats (wife of Amos) 73y.   1/18/1867
Burdick, Nancy A. Potter (wife of Charles C. Burdick) 9/21/1856 6/123/1902
Burdick, Pamelia (Millie) Burdick (wife of Truman A.) 10/27/1828 2/25/1903
Burdick, Phebe Dau. Of Elizateth Lanphear Green & Clark Burdick 10/7/1829 2/15/1913
Burdick, Prudence Pettibone (wife of Welcome B.) 72y.6m.   6/17/1889
Burdick, Samuel Lee (hus. Of Lucy Ann) 0/0/1818 0/0/1897
Burdick, Truman A. (hus. Of Pamelia (Millie) Burdick) 2/28/1839 12/22/1904
Burdick, Welcome B. (hus. Of Prudence Pettibone) 76y.11m.   4/20/1890
Claire, Lois, wife of Lee A. Claire 42yr. 11mo. 1day   3/1/1854
Cooper, Aaron B. (son of James & Olive E.) 13y.   10/8/1872
Cooper, Ellen (wife of Joseph W.) 20y.4m.12d.   12/4/1864
Cooper, James (hus. Of Olive E.) 77y.   10/30/1890
Cooper, Lida A. (dau. Of James & Olive E.) 7m.   1/16/1861
Cooper, Olive E. (wife of James)    
Gardner, Jane A. 25y.1m.14d.   9/14/1848
Geen, Anna (dau. Of C. & B.A. Green) 5y.4m.1d.   10/15/1842
Green, Benjamin (hus. Of Lydia) 83y.10m.   10/21/1866
Green, Hiram (son of C. & B.A. Green) 9y.8m.26d.   10/21/1854
Green, Hulda Sweet (wife of Judge Edward) 1/29/1758 3/16/1839
Green, James S. (hus. Of Rachel Sweet & Mrs. Sarah A. Phillips) 11/12/1809 3/14/1884
Green, Judge Edward (hus.of Huldah Sweet) REV. WAR & 1812 3/20/1760 2/24/1845
Green, Lois (dau. Of C. & B.A. Green) 2y.1m.20d.   10/14/1842
Green, Luke (son of C. & B.A. Green) 10y.5m.5d.   3/20/1813
Green, Lydia (wife of Benjamin) 80y.   1/25/1865
Green, Mary (dau. Of Paris & Polly Sweet) 11/14/1813 6/14/1833
Green, Oliva S. Hall (wife of William H.) 11/18/1829 11/27/1926
Green, Paris (hus. Of Polly Sweet) WAR of 1812 11/23/1785 3/29/1868
Green, Polly Sweet (wife of Paris) 7/17/1789 8/16/1883
Green, William H.(hus. Of Oliva S. Hall) 1/25/1819 9/7/1882
Hall, Catharine Burdick (wife of Lorenzo D. Cartwright & Varnum G.) 5/9/1837 10/6/1901
Hall, Elizabeth Smith (1st wife of Varnum G.) 3/3/1823 9/14/1866
Hall, Varnum G. ( E. Smith & C. Burdick Cartwright) CIVIL WAR 11/30/1822 11/26/1901
Hamphill, Martha Euphema (dau. Of Robert D & ? ) 2y.5m.4d.   1/15/1860
Hosmar,Marley 0/0/1875 0/0/1912
Kenyon, Dalphine (wife of Samuel) 0/0/1855 0/0/1923
Kenyon, Samuel (hus. Of Dalphine) 0/0/1854  
Lusk, Eliza M. (wife of John) 0/0/1836 0/0/1889
Lusk, John (hus. Of Eliza M.) CIVIL WAR 0/0/1836 3/0/1903
Palmiter, Fitch (hus. Of Lydia M. Burdick) 49y.2m.   10/1/1885
Palmiter, Lydia M. Burdick (wife of Fitch) 43y.3m.6d.   8/6/1857
Perry, John G.(hus.of Katharine Burdick & Phebe ?) 0/0/1848 0/0/1906
Perry, Katharine Burdick (1st wife of John G.) 23y.10m.25d.   8/16/1842
Perry, Oliver C. (son of John G. & Katharine Burdick) 8m.6d.   4/8/1843
Perry, Phebe (2nd wife of John G.) 0/0/1828 0/0/1891
Perry, William H. (son of John G. & Phebe) 15y.25d.    
Place, Mary (Maybe buried here, but no record)   0/0/1836
Potter, Sophronia R. Palmiter (wife of William M.) 5/24/1832  
Potter, William M. (hus. Of Sophronia R. Palmiter) 9/24/1828 10/19/1890
Preston, Charles M. (hus. Of Elizabeth) 0/0/1847  
Preston, Donnie F. 5/0/1875 9/0/1875
Preston, Elizabeth (wife of Charles M.) 0/0/1843 0/0/1911
Renslow, Eleazar 37y.5.16d.   10/23/1855
Shaw, Tracy (wife of John R.) 34y.4m.15d.   9/25/1850
Smith, Elizabeth (wife of Joshua) 79y.   2/24/1843
Smith, Hannah (wife of Stephen R.) 49y.   2/11/1849
Smith, Stephen R. (hus of Hannah) 67y.10m.21d.   3/23/1861
Stearns, John B. (son of John & Emily) 5m.   11/14/1844
Turner, Willie E. 11/20/1877 9/10/1878
Wescott, Infant (son of G. W. & C. J. Wescott) 16d.   1/26/1859
Witter, Paul (hus. Of Ruby) 67y.8d.   9/27/1854
Witter, Ruby (wife of Paul)   9/4/1870
York, Cynthia Ann (dau. Of I. H. & Cynthia Ann) 3/20/1845 8/14/1845
York, Cynthia Ann (wife of I. H. York) 3/0/0