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Baker Cemetery 6.5 - Andover, NY

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Baker Cemetery, Andover,N.Y.    
Baker, Brenda J. Burdsall (wife of Richard M. II) 7/26/1946 12/20/2012
Baker, Charles (son of Newell & Diadama) 12/7/1868 0/0/1869
Baker,Cordelia Diadama Byam (wife of Newell) 2/13/1843 10/30/1919 76yrs.
Baker, Edna (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. William Baker)   3/21/1914 4mos.
Baker, Elizabeth Woodruff (wife of Seth) 3/4/1805 12/4/1887 82yrs.
Baker, Ellen E. Perrin (wife of Richard M.) 4/30/1922 11/28/2010
Baker, Floyd L. (son of Newell & Diadama) 10/1/1883 6/5/1920
Baker, James Conley 8/14/1846 11/19/1919
Baker, Joseph Newell 6/15/1866 8/26/1944 78yrs
Baker, Joshua   10/22/1926 72yrs.
Baker, Lawrence   7/31/1915 80yrs.
Baker, Newell (Civil War Vet) 8/4/1838 2/9/1923 85yrs.
Baker, Richard M. (hus. Of Ellen E. Perrin) 11/26/1921 2/28/2013
Baker, Richard M. II (hus. Of Brenda Burdsell) 1/12/1943 5/15/2016
Baker, Rosy May (dau. of Newell & Diadama) 5/10/1870 0/0/1884 14yrs.
Baker, Seth (hus of Elizabeth) 3/7/1799 4/17/1883 84yrs.
Baker, Seth S. (Civil War Vet) 4/28/1829 12/9/1906 77yrs.
Baker, Stephen K. (Hus. Of Mary Jane Cass) 7/14/1948 4/15/1996
Baker, Susan L. (Dau. of Seth & Elizabeth) 2/28/1854 12/4/1867 13yr.
Byam, Lafayette (bro. in-law of Newell Baker)   1/18/1921
Mead, Charles B. (son of Menzo & Susan Mead) 8/8/1900 6/19/1931 31yrs.
Mead, Clarence Billy 8/8/1899 6/19/1931
Mead, Leroy (WWI Vet) 3/9/1889 6/23/1969
Mead, Menzo R. 3/15/1861 4/23/1934 73yrs.
Mead, Susan Adella Baker (wife of Menzo) 11/9/1867 10/12/1907