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Words that have been previously said........

"To one whose neighborhood has been the scene of important events, the history of those events is the most interesting of all history.........
.......Under the sway of cause and effect, historic events cannot stand alone.  They form an unbroken chain...... 
The history of so limited territory as a county in New York has its roots not only in remote times, but in distant lands, and cannot be justly written without going far beyond the county limits for some of its essential facts....." ....from 1806-1879 Beers, History of Allegany County NY

This website will not go far before the initial arriving settlers to the county in the very late 1790s....nor will we try to relate material from outside the boundaries of our County.

The section of "County History" will provide general articles relating to the history of the county with a scattering of subjects and personalities that we hope you find interesting.

Allegany County Historical Society is the central location for publishing these items.  Feel free to contribute to this section of the website by contacting the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, each Town of the County is provided a storage space for their specific stories to tell.....

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