Genealogies C-D

Clark, Freeman Family Record

From a newspaper column, unknown newspaper, unknown date, from the Loie Foster Clark Odell Collection.

Transcribed by Stephen Sweet.

Freeman Clark Family RecordFreeman Clark Family Record

Editor's Note: Trial can be the means as likely the best way to settle a question of procedure on some records to be printed. We are devoting this week's column to a complete record of the Freeman Clark family, combining Bible, census and cemetery records that answer questions of several persons over the last few years. Especially does it relate to inquiries from L.E.F. of Conn., who is working on a Clark genealogy. The origins of the record are from those generally compiling the column material, and not the editor's. Where his part comes in is in settling whether anything so time-consuming, with limited readership, as a single family tree can be justified for newspaper use. It call for special editing, type composition and handling in general such as to entail costs a simple column may not justify.

So the editor sizes it up, to show how detail of this sort can evolve, an then to test iic it does fall with column scope. Right at this stage then, we must say it cannot be accounted as setting a precedent.


Clark, Freeman 78 b. Vt.
Catherine 72 b. N.H. ? Could have been N.J.
1850 Town of Scio
The Bible record of the Clark family was copied by Mrs. Myrtle Clark Coleman (Mrs. Fred) of Wellsville from the Bible owned by her mother. She does not know the present owner of the Bible.
Freeman Clark, born Apr. 2nd, 1805, died in Wirt, Oct. 17, 1866.
Sarepta Clark, born Spafford, died in Scio, May 4, 1863.
Alanson Clark, born Scott, May 31, 1829, d. Scio, Jan. 1, 1900.
G. S. Clark, born Scott, Sept. 19, 1831.
Leonard Clark, born Scott, April 11, 1823, d. Apr 1898.
Simon Clark, born Scott, Aug. 21, 1835, d. Feb 14, 1836.
Betsey Clark, born Scott, June 13, 1837.
Celestia Clark, born Scott, Sept. 24, 1839, d. Aug. 19, 1857.
Melvin Clark, born Scott, June 14, 1842, d. Scio
Henry B. Clark, born Scott, Jan. 27, 1844, d. Aug. 6, 1891.
Freeman Jr. Clark, born Scott, Feb. 9, 1847, d. May 13, 1907.
Angaline Clark, born Scott, Feb. 14, 1850, d. May 13, 1907 at Wellsville.
Freeman Jr. Clark, born Scott, Feb. 9, 1847, d. May 13, at Wellsville.
Nelson Clark, born Scio, June 16, 1854, d. Mar. 4, [1934?] at Richburg.

The town of Scott is in Cortland Co., New York State.
Dimick Cemetery, Town of Wirt near Pleasant Valley
CLARK Freeman d. Oct. 17, 1865, age 74 years.
Sareptia, d. May 4, 1863, age 53 years, his wife.
Alda S., dau. of Melvin & Betsey, b. Feb. 21, 1868, d. Jan. 17, 1877.
Henry B., 1842-1901, Co. E. 93 Regt. N.Y.S. Vol.
Ida A., d. Aug. 20, 1861, age 11 mo. 16 days.
Charles D. (nearly illegible)
Children of G.S. & M. Clark.
These records were collected and compiled for Catherine Schuyler Chapter D.A.R. and have been recorded.