Andover Veterans



Compiled by William A. Greene (List updated 12/2013)

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Photo of  Plaque at Memorial, Washington D.C. by Ashley Taylor, 2004


Ahrens, John F.    
Alderson, William P. 11/5/1993 Chemung, New York
Allen, Ralph A. (Red) 1/7/2005 Hillside, Andover
Allen, Wesley D. 1/23/2005 Hillside, Andover
Alvord, Howard H.    
Antan, Henry L. 4/8/1999 San Antonio, Texas
Armstrong, C. A.    
Ashbaugh, Lawrence W.    
Austin, Kenneth L. 7/24/2010  
Baker, Hamilton, Bruce 7/12/1990 California
Baker, Howard F. 10/2/1953 Hillside, Andover
Baker, John E. 4/26/1993 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Baker, Lasaca Congelli    
Baker, Leo C. 8/16/1997 Wellsville, New York
Baker, Mary E.    
Baker, Max B. 7/2/1990 Hillside, Andover
Baker, Newell C. 1/14/2002 Hillside, Andover
Baker, Robert A. (Moose) 1/2/2008 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Baker, Roger P. 2/25/1977 Hillside, Andover
Balcom, Warren H.    
Ball, Richard C. 1/26/2004 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Barnes, Clayton L. 4/14/1968 Hillside, Andover
Barnette, Barbara Temple 4/27/1989 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Barrett, Gilbert Jr.    
Bartz, Lawrence F. 12/31/1951 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Behn, Leslie A.    
Beihl, Richard W. 4/7/1976 Hillside, Andover
Beil, Dennis O. 7/7/1994 Hillside, Andover
Beil, Lyle J. 10/12/1976 Fillmore, New York
Bertrand, Bernard N. 4/11/1999 Whitesville, New York
Bills, Gerald R. 8/7/1977 Hammondsport, New York
Bishp, C. Barney 8/9/2000 Sacred Heart, Wellsville
Bixby, Clifford P. 9/14/2006 Hillside, Andover
Black, Robert L. 6/24/2003 Fairlawn Cem. Scio
Breiding, Peter 6/-/1982 Yuba, California
Brewster, Edward M. 1/9/2001 Scio, New York
Brewster, Howard J.    
Briggs, Clyde R.    
Briggs, Everett H. 11/24/1999 Lewiston, New York
Briggs, Milton A.    
Briggs, Raymond L. 7/5/1988 Union City, PA.
Bronson, Glenn E.    
Brown, Fay A. 4/14/1998 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Brown, Francis L. 5/29/2000 Hillside, Andover
Brown, George E. 6/19/2001 Hillside, Andover
Brown, Kenneth E.    
Brown, Regina Richardson 7/15/2013 Trinity Cath. Cem. Brandon, Ore.
Brown, Thomas L. 5/1/1952 Unknown
Brown, Wilford S.    
Brownson, John C. 11/1/1990 Wayland, New York
Brundage, Leslie W. 7/2/1998 Scio, New York
Brundage, Malcolm F. 11/2/1980 Arlington National Cemetery
Budinger, Carl 10/-/1979 Tioga, New York
Burdick, Clifford L.    
Burdick, Ernest G. 10/10/2003 Hillside, Andover
Burdick, Lloyd W. 3/-/1982 Alameda, California
Burdick, Nathan T. 11/1/1988 Virginia
Burger, Bernard W. 11/21/2002 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Burger, Clayton A. 8/22/2013 Valley Brook, Andover
Burgett, Charles R. ** 10/1/1943 Hillside, Andover
Burrows, Vincent H.    
Burton, Robert S. 5/14/2001 Troupsburg, N.Y.
Cable, Elbert D. 4/6/1977 Florida
Cable, Francis E. 12/22/1997 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Cannon, Edward R. 8/30/1985 Oneida, New York
Cannon, John L. 2/10/1987 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Capute, Frank J. 2/21/2005 Bath Nat. Cem. New York
Carmody, Carlyle W. 9/6/1998 Florida
Carson, Clarence E. 2/1/1985 Hillside, Andover
Cartwright, Edward G.    
Cartwright, Raymond L. ** 6/6/1944 Hillside, Andover
Childs, Paul W. 5/285/1986 Hillside, Andover
Chilson, Howard E. 2/26/1991 Hillside, Andover
Church, Conrad F. 5/9/2002 Hillside, Andover
Church, Harold C. 1/23/2003 Hillside, Andover
Clair, Lloyd L.    
Clair, Richard R. 8/15/1994 Kanas City, Missouri
Clark, Elwin E.    
Clark, Ronald H. 12/2/1989 Valley Brook, Andover
Clark, Victor L.    
Clarke, Ernest R.    
Clarke, Francis S.    
Clarke, W. Wallace    
Coats, Floyd C. 8/25/1968 Hillside, Andover
Coats, Jack T.    
Coats, Richard E. 2/22/1961 Hillside, Andover
Cole, Burrel H. 3/1/1952 Wellsville, New York
Common, J. Robert 7/10/1979 Hillside, Andover
Connor, John A. 5/2/1945 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Cook, Kenneth R. 1/22/2000 Wilmington, North Carolina
Cook, Wisner H. 6/25/2012 Hillside, Andover
Cornelius, Francis N. 0/0/1968 Unknown
Cornish, Duane    
Crandall, Garland L    
Cronk, Richard E.    
Crosby, William H. ** 12/9/1944 France
D'Ariano, Angelo A. Smiley 11/1/2012 Sacred Heart, Wellsville
Dean, Edward J. 9/8/1965 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Dean, George D. 8/17/1992 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Dean, John P.    
Dean, Laurence E. 5/5/1984 Unknown
Dempsey, Robert M. 0/0/1964 Gate of Heaven, Andover
DeRemer, Donald L. 1/17/2002 Orchard Park, New York
DeRemer, Leo A. 10/16/1997 Hillside, Andover
Dewey, Charles A. 11/26/1967 Valley Brook, Andover
Dickerson, Leloa M. Hull 9/30/2010 Woodlawn, Wellsville
Dixon, John M. 3/11/2001 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Dodge, Louis (Lewis) John    
Dolan, Carolyn E.    
Dolan, Gerald F. 4/28/1977 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Dolan, M. Wanda    
Dolan, Warren D. 12/18/1968 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Dougherty, Edward Sr. 12/11/1987 Brandon, Florida
Dougherty, William J. ** 8/3/1943 Salamanca, New York
Drew, Claude Jr. ** 5/0/1944 Unknown
Drew, Norman C. 7/8/1991 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Drew, Thomas B.    
Driscoll, James C. 10/30/1984 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Duell, Charles    
Dugan, William L. 6/12/2000 Arcade, New York
Dunham, Paul D. 12/16/2000 Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Dunham, William B. (Jug) 3/26/2002 Valley Brook, Andover
Ellis, Floyd W.    
Ellis, Frederick    
Ellis, Mrs. Minnie    
Ellis, Theron J.    
Ellis, Walter    
Emery, Donald J. 7/28/2001 Hillside, Andover
Ennis, Robert C. 7/21/2011  
Fairbanks, Llewellyn O. 3/9/1995 Freedom, New York
Faisant, John A.    
Flint, Marion William    
Flynn, Raymond    
Ford, Herald H. 10/15/1998 Hillside, Andover
Foster, Theodore E. 10/29/2010 Wells Cem. Little Genesee, N.Y.
Fox, Merle H. 2/24/1985 Valley Brook, Andover
Freeland, Oliver A. 8/24/1972 Hillside, Andover
Freeland, Robert F. 12/19/1972 Hornell, New York
Fulkerson, Leo E. 12/5/1994 Arcade, New York
Fulkerson, Louis C.    
Fuller, James W. 6/30/2006 Hillside, Andover
Fuller, Richard C. 6/2/2007 Hillside, Andover
Gath, Charles E. 10/11/1981 Rochester, New York
Gath, Howard L. 7/7/1963 Valley Brook, Andover
Gath, Kenneth E. 7/16/1995 Fayetteville, North Carolina
Gath, Walter A. (Mike) 2/19/1975 Valley Brook, Andover
Gavin, Michael V. 12/27/1965 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Gayhart, Elwin L.    
Glace, Howard R.    
Glover, Homer G. 11/10/2000 Cambria, New York
Gorsuch, James E. 1/15/1950 Hillside, Andover
Gorsuch, Miles E. (Whitey) 12/1/1996 Hillside, Andover
Grant, Winford 5/28/1995 Valley Brook, Andover
Graves, Farnum 2/28/1995 Wellsville, New York
Greenan, George C. 9/25/2000 Painted Post, New York
Greenan, Jeane E 1/27/1991 North Tonawanda, New York
Greene, Charles M.    
Greene, E. Claire 3/7/1979 Unknown
Greene, Lester    
Greene, Montrose C.    
Grossman, Linford E. 3/12/1953 Hillside, Andover
Guilford, LeRoy W. 7/12/1994 Unknown
Hall, Charles E. 7/29/2010 ashes to ashes
Hall, Fordyce C    
Hall, Raymond 7/1/1996 Boulder, Colorado
Hall, Robert 1/27/1998 Niagara Falls, New York
Halsey, Edward (Spook) 4/19/2002 Greenwood, New York
Halsey, Fredrick 2/12/1988 Valley Brook, Andover
Hames, Kearby S. 8/12/2006 New Port Richey, Fla.
Hammell, Fredrick P. 10/11/1992 Fredrick, Maryland
Hammond, Dean H.    
Hann, Gerald W. 8/7/1978 Hillside, Andover
Hardy, Anna    
Hardy, Donald E. ** 5/26/1945 Hillside, Andover
Harvey, Allen M. 4/5/1984 Valley Brook, Andover
Hawks, Arnold E.    
Hawks, Jason L. 5/19/1999 Spring Hope, North Carolina
Herrick, John S.    
Heselton, Richard, L. 11/24/1979 Hillside, Andover
Hollen, Herbert 2/26/2000 Long Island Nat. Cem.
Holt, Charles M. Jr.    
Holt, James B.    
Honnegger, Carl H. (Mike) 10/27/1995 Hillside, Andover
Hoover, Alvin M. (Red) 1/14/1995 Hillside, Andover
Horan, Francis H. 2/27/2007 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Horan, John E. (Jack) 2/3/2011 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Horton, Lenford F. 1/6/1953 Gate of Heaven, Andover
House, Ablert T.    
House, Otto D.    
Howard, Comer 3/0/1986 Mt. Morris, New York
Howland, Earl K. 12/23/1994 Hinsdale, New York
Howland, Harold 5/31/1977 Olean, New York
Howland, John H. 12/12/2005 Hillside, Andover
Howland, Lawrence R. 1/14/1996 Port Allegany, New York
Howland, Llwyn L. 1/15/2009 Charleston, S.C.
Huffcutt, Harold W. 11/15/1983 Valley Brook, Andover
Hyland, Gerald L. 2/24/1976 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Hyland, William F. 7/23/1973 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Ingraham, Carl 10/9/1967 Silver Creek, New York
Ingraham, Herman 12/6/1964 Concord, California
Jackson, Clare L. 8/5/1986 Valley Brook, Andover
Jackson, Clare Robert    
Jackson, Paul    
Joyce, Donald L. 7/15/1969 Rochester, New York
Joyce, George R. 5/0/1979 Orlando, Florida
Joyce, Harold N. (Duff) 6/21/1991 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Joyce, James V.    
Kaple, Eldon L. 7/12/2001 Lewiston, New York
Karcanes, George 3/28/2011 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Karcanes, Kaliopy J. Hames 5/28/1998 Valley Brook, Andover
Kelly, Fred C. 3/14/2009 Hornell, New York
Kemp, Clyde H. 1/6/1984 Charlotte, NC.
Kemp, Edwin 1/9/1962 Forest Lawn, Buffalo, N.Y.
Kemp, Roland P.    
Kennyon, Brice B. 2/24/1994 Ocala, Florida
Kent, Donald E. 3/10/1999 Hillside, Andover
Kleinback, John F. 6/19/1966 Hillside, Andover
Kupp, Orville J. 8/0/1984 Peoria, Illinois
LaBar, Arnold B. 8/20/1961 Wellsville, New York
Ladlee, Richard    
LaForge, John K. 1/10/1969 Gate of Heaven, Andover
LaForge, Theron T. 8/1/1992 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Leahy, Howard J. 6/8/1979 Pendleton, Indiana
Lehman, Arthur W. (Bill) 9/30/1994 Hillside, Andover
Lehman, George L. (Les) 7/4/2004 Hillside, Andover
Lehman, Wilber, C. (Swig) 10/24/1991 Hillside, Andover
Leon, Earl 5/18/2006 St. Mary's, Hornell
Leonard, Herbert 11/22/1993 Hillside, Andover
Lever, Charles W. ** 4/21/1945 Hillside, Andover
Lewis, Donald M.    
Lewis, John J. 1/22/1966 Webster, New York
Lewis, Leo D. 11/11/2004 Fort Mill, South Carolina
Linza, Merle C.    
Linza, Rex    
Lobdell, Kenneth    
Loring, Robert    
Ludden, Mark E. 4/7/1974 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Ludden, Richard C. 1/28/1963 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Lunn, Harrison    
Lynch, Donald J. 5/25/1999 Lancaster, New York
Lynch, Raymond L. 12/27/1970 Friendship, New York
Main, Roland C. 5/9/1956 Hillside Cemetery, Andover
Martin, William    
Marvin, William F.    
Mascho, Donald H.    
Matison, Ardean W. 12/6/2000 Alfred, New York
Matison, Earl S. 5/20/1968 Valley Brook, Andover
Matison, Lynn 6/13/1992 Valley Brook, Andover
McAndrew, Howard E. 11/16/2005 Gate of Heaven, Andover
McAndrew, Joseph A. 1/1/1953 Gate of Heaven, Andover
McAndrew, Richard B. 11/7/1993 Hamburg, New York
McAndrews, Francis C. 4/10/2000 Arlington National Cemetery
McAndrews, Vincent L.    
McClure, Kenneth R. 9/24/2006  
McCormick, Frank E. 11/7/2005 On the farm in Andover
McKibben, Frank W. ** 6/15/1944 Unknown
Mitchell, Anna M.    
Mitchell, Robert M.    
Mithcell, Vincent M.    
Monroe, Joseph E. 6/15/1980 Hillside, New York
Monroe, Lawrence F. 6/0/1970 Unknown
Mullen, Daniel J. Jr. 7/19/1991 Canaseraga, New York
Neupert, Floyd Jr.    
Neville, Bernard A. 1/15/1991 Unknown
Nevol, Charles J.Jr. 7/14/1986 Valley Brook, Andover
Nichols, Donald L. 4/18/1975 Hillside, Andover
Northrup, Dewey E.    
Norton, Earl W. 7/22/2000 Valley Brook, Andover
Nye, Arthur 10/30/2002 Stannards, New York
Nye, Frank T. 3/27/2000 Allegany, New York
Oakes, Victor S.    
O'Boyle, Robert W. 11/6/1966 Rouses Point, New York
O'Conner, Mary Driscoll 11/5/1988 Gate of Heaven, Andover
O'Dell, George E. 2/19/2000 Hillside, Andover
Ordiway, Burdette L. 5/15/1992 Altamonete Springs, Florida
Ordiway, Donald G. 1/7/1986 Wellsville, New York
Ordiway, Kenneth 8/9/2008 Valley Brook, Andover
Oridway, Carlton P.    
Oridway, Hamilton L. 10/1/2005 Uniontown, Pa.
Ormsby, Stanley G. 1/1/2002 Maplewood, Alfred Station
Owen, Lawrence    
Owen, Paul    
Padden, Edward T. 12/11/2000 Ulysses, PA.
Padden, Ernest E. 5/13/1984 Friendship, New York
Padden, John M. 2/9/1961 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Padden, Mary    
Perrin, Frank    
Perry, Clifford E. 2/11/1984 Sephyrhills, Florida
Perry, Geraldine M.    
Perry, Glenn L.    
Perry, Harold W. 7/22/1989 Hillside, Andover
Perry, Robert H. 9/28/1988 Wellsville, New York
Polmateer, Robert L. 10/16/1963 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Pope, Farnham G.    
Pope, Phyllis Elaine    
Potter, John R. 4/15/1997 Wellsville, New York
Prior, Gordon M. 11/20/1998 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Prue, Chester D.    
Prue, George E.    
Rawleigh, Eldred L.    
Ray, Joseph A. 1/4/1/73 Unknown
Regan, John J. 8/11/2004 Simsbury Cem. Simsbury CT.
Regan, Thomas L. 8/14/1999 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Reisman, Daniel M.    
Reisman, Ferdinand    
Reisman, James K. 5/23/1993 Hillside, Andover
Rice, Ernest D.    
Rice, Harold, M. 10/15/1994 Hillisde, Andover
Richardson, John P. 1/10/1997 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Riffle, Earl W. 2/24/1987 Forest Cem. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
Robbins, George T. 12/18/1998 Hillside, Andover
Robbins, Walter J. 2/20/1986 Hillside, Andover
Rogers, Jean    
Rogers, Raymond V.    
Rossrucker, John F. 2/16/2005 Woodlawn, Wellsville
Ruger, Stanley    
Ryan, Paul R. 1/1/1989 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Saunders, John W. 5/10/1978 Old Lyme, Connecticut
Schrader, Richard C. 7/6/2013 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Schweigart, Albert J. 3/6/1997 North Bingham, PA.
Scott, Robert E. 4/5/2012 Hillside, Andover
Shaff, Carl R.    
Shellman, Claude L. (Zeek) 2/13/1998 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Shellman, Clyde J. 2/26/2011 Montoursville Cem. PA.
Sherman, Onnolee H. 7/20/1994 Lyons, Georgia
Sherwood, Leslie    
Sherwood, Louis    
Sherwood, Stanley 2/3/1981 Stannards, New York
Shimwell, James W.    
Shutt, Carl    
Shutt, Darwin D. 5/0/1987 Port Allegany, New York
Shutt, Merle B.    
Sick, Doris J.    
Silsby, Arthur J.    
Sisson, Harold F. 12/14/2005 Alfred Rural Cemetery
Skinner, Ralph H. 5/27/2000 Portville, New York
Slade, Charles P. 5/24/1999  
Slade, Raymond P. (Sam) 3/22/2003 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Slocum, Ruth Onolee    
Slocum, William C. 1/22/1967 Valley Brook, Andover
Smith, Ferdinand J.    
Snyder, Craig    
Staebel, Edward    
Stephens, Conner L. 10/24/2005 Maplewood, Alfred Station
Stewart, Richard B. 3/6/1988 Unknown
Stockman, Richard F.    
Storms, Walter L. 2/24/1999 Wellsville, New York
Strouse, Walter E. (Red) 8/15/1995 Hillside, Andover
Sweet, Floyd E. 10/14/1990 Hillside, Andover
Taylor, Andrew I. 7/21/1988 Hillside, Andover
Temple, Arthur R.    
Temple, Barbara E. 4/27/1989 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Theetge, Ernest    
Tidd, Kenneth J. 5/2/1997 Hillside, Andover
Trowbridge, Richard V.    
Tuttle, Alan H. 2/1/1984 Hillside, Andover
Tuttle, Roger, J. 12/5/1971 Hillside, Andover
Updyke, Paul F.    
VanCuren, Fred W.    
VanKuren, Robert    
Vars, Kenneth F. 9/18/2004 Hillside, Andover
Vars, Wendell R.    
Wagner, Clarence N. 8/14/1979 Bath Nat. Cem. New York
Wahl, Gerald A. 10/24/1991 Hillside, Andover
Wahl, William S. 12/29/1988 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Wallace, Herman L. 9/7/1995 Valley Brook, Andover
Weatherby, Clarence (Tom) 4/27/2003 Hillside, Andover
Weed, William F.    
Wentworth, Carl    
West, Charles    
West, Harold E. 9/1/1988 Canisteo, New York
West, Lyle B.    
West, Quentin E.    
Westbrook, Paul L. 12/25/1984 Hillside, Andover
Will, Carl E. 5/10/2000 Canandaigua, New York
Williams, Kenneth R. 9/8/1968 Hillside, Andover
Wilson, William E. 5/17/1983 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Winchell, Raymond    
Wintemberg, Louis 12/28/2011 Pickerington, Ohio
Witter, James S. 10/17/1994 Clarence Center, New York
Wittie, Neva B. Yocham 3/24/2009 Valley Brook, Andover
Wittie, Richard P. 10/6/1991 Valley Brook, Andover
Wolcott, John N. 10/15/1993 Gate of Heaven, Andover
Woodworth, Floyd E. 12/6/1945 Canisteo, New York
Yannie, Emilio Jr. 6/0/1986 St. Mary's Belmont, New York
Yannie, Joseph A. 1/11/2001 St. Mary's Belmont, New York
Yannie, Rose    
Yannie, Victor W. 3/5/1998 St. Mary's Belmont, N.Y.
Yannie, Vincent J. 12/14/2008 St. Mary's Belmont, N.Y.
Yette, Hector S. 1/14/1982 Hillside, Andover
York, Burrell M. 12/5/2005 Greenwood, New York
Yorton, Clyde M. 11/6/1991 Valley Brook, Andover
** Killed in action.