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ACHS Closed

Regrettably, we are closed except by special appointment until further notice. This includes the entire Allegany County History Center in Andover, Andover Historical Society & Allegany County Historical Society.

The decision was made 12/10/2020, out of concern for the safety of our volunteers who operate the museum, due to the fast increase of Covid-19 in Allegany County and the communities served by the Museum. We have chosen to entirely close for the time being, except by arranged appointments to purchase books for the holidays as Christmas gifts.

Appointments can be made by calling Ron Taylor for the Allegany County Historical Society on (cell phone) 585-610-8668 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily Monday thru Friday. The books that are available are on our website at the following page:

For the Andover Historical Society, in order to purchase a copy of the book, "It Happened In Andover, 2019" please call:
Mark Holt, Andover Historical Society President - (585)593-8028; Ruth Manske - (607) 478-8184; or, Mary Lipnicki (607) 478-5329.

We are not willing to contribute to the spread of the present pandemic.

We will reconsider opening once there is a safe feeling in our communities.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season!


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You must also use hand sanitizer upon entering and you may also use it as you leave the Museum. We have supplied it at the entrance door.



Allegany County, New York.....

“A Story Worth Telling ... A Heritage Worth Preserving”

"The story of Allegany County (N.Y.) is the best kind of story—with a cast of characters any talented writer would struggle to imagine.  Medicine men, dance hall girls, missionaries, and industrialists all have written on the pages of our past.  Their lives and livelihoods have shaped the course of our communities and continue to speak into our future though at times only through a whisper.

1884MapNYSRRThe Allegany County Historical Society is committed to sharing our story with all who wish to reflect on the past and endeavor to bring about a promising future.  You are an important part of our county’s present story and you play a significant role in preserving our past.  Together we can preserve our heritage and share a story worth telling.” –Jeffrey Kirksey

On this Website......

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One of the primary goals of ACHS and this website is to provide support for all of Allegany County Local Historical Societies and Museums as a "ring of history".  We attempt to publish MEETINGS & PROGRAMS of these organizations when the material is provided to us.                                                


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