It Happened in Andover 2019 - coverThe Andover Historical Society's publication, It Happened In Andover 2019, is now available just in time for the holidays!  Due to Covid-19, we're slightly behind schedule with our annual record of the happenings in Andover, but a limited number of books are now available.  Get yours before they're gone! Stop in at the Andover Historical Society Museum (11 East Greenwood Street, Andover) on Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and pick up your copy for only $10.  To get your copy by mail, send a check for $13 (includes postage) made payable to the Andover Historical Society to PO Box 66, Andover, NY 14806.  


The Andover Historical Society looks forward to returning in 2021 with more programs, exhibits and publications that preserve and promote the history of Andover, New York.  


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