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1.1   Alfred Stillman Cemetery

Stillman Cemetery
Town of Alfred, NY

This cemetery is located on a hill overlooking North Main Street by State Road 244 in Alfred.  The cemetery is in very poor condition.

The list below was transcribed by Mary Rhodes from D.A.R. Record Archives of The Catherine Schuyler Chapter - Originally Copied by Hazel M. Shear - Tombstone Photos by Mary Rhodes

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Coon Aaron Died Jan 22, 1891 Age 88 Yr, 2Mo 15 Da Large monument is fallen, contains more data
J. B. Footstone
Pierce Jane Died Mar 24, 18_9 Stone is broken
Potter David Rogers Died Nov 10, 1863 Age 59 Y 10 Mo 7 Da
Lavinia Stillman Died Dec 19, 1893 Age 83 Yr 5 Mo Wife of David R. Potter
Elvira Amanda Died June 11, 1848 Age 13 Yr 9 Mo 6 Da Dau of D. R. & L. S. Potter
Rose David Died Mar 12, 1852 Age 49 Yr
Betsey Died Aug 15, 1850 Age 45 Yrs
D. Stillman Died Feb 10, 1849 Age 18 Yrs 10 Mo Son of D. & B. Rose
E A P Footstone
D. S. Footstone
Stillman David Died Apr 27, 1872 Age 84 Yr 10 Mo 28 Da
Lillis Rose Died Nov 26, 1870 Age 78 Yr 2 Mo 20 Da Wife of David Stillman
Amanda M. Died Sept 14, 1901 Age 87 Yr 3 Mo 27 Da Daughter of David & Lillis Stillman
Sweet Eld. Spencer Age 66 Yr, 1 Mo 24 Da In Memory of
No Dates/Stone Broken
Hannah Died Apr 5, 1868 Age 79 Yrs Wife of Spencer Sweet
Milo Died Aug 6, 1886 Age 68 Yr 8 Mo 16 Da
Elizabeth Warfield Died Mar 27, 1872 Age 51 Yr 2 Mo 4 Da Wife of Milo Sweet
Arlie Died April 3, 1871 Age 10 Yrs