The Family Genealogy area of this website provides reference material about the people who are or were in Allegany County, NY.  It might help define your lineage or it could assist you in finding contacts with your ancestors.

This information is meant to help you in your quest for family.  As with all material provided by others,  you must verify using your own methods.  Please report any errors you may discover (with proof of correction needed)  so we can provide accuracy on the web.

To Navigate this section, merely pick the first letter of the Surname you wish to see from the list at the left of this page.

You can also use the Search Box at the left margin "Menu" column to type "Keywords" and search for material of interest.

NOTE: If you have material to donate to Allegany County Historical Society for use in the Genealogy Section please go to the tab above "GET INVOLVED" and then choose "Donate to Collections".....instructions are available for contacting us there.

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