Gleason Hill Cemetery, Town of Belfast, Allegany County, NY

This family cemetery is located on lot #6 of the 1869 Map.  There are few stones visible now, it is rumored that many of the stones were used as a sidewalk at a place west of the cemetery.  The burial information is from an original list by Margaret Kaufman many years ago.

Known burials are:

Asa Carpenter (he was 59 years old in the 1855 census) Born in Massachusetts

Betsy, Wife of Asa (she was 58 in the 1855 census) Born in Connecticut

Jerusha Moore, Betsy’s mother (she was 81 in the 1855 census) Born in Connecticut

There as small stones with initials “HG” and “HC”, the Carpenters lived on Gleason Hill from 1850 to 1865