Fulmer Valley Cemetery, Town of Independence, Allegany County, NY


Fulmer Valley Cemetery Entrance

No sign at cemetery exists today. Large trees have been protected and one at right is over 4' diameter. Cemetery is on Livermore Road, Town of Independence.  

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Jacob Fulmer, 1809-1869; Julana Fulmer, wife of Jacob, 1814-1845

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This information is taken from Cemetery Records (when available), Andover News Archives, Family & Town Historical Records  & finally,  physically walking the cemetery comparing written records with tombstone information.  We feel that the information is as accurate as it can be provided unless variable information comes forth in the future to disprove.

The alphabetical list was submitted by and copyright ©2004-2014 William A. Greene and updated with additions & corrections on 1/7/2014.  If you find information or corrections needed email: William A. Greene.


Adams, Cora M. (dau. of Simon & Sally) 1865 1881
Adams, Eugene (son of Simon & Sally) 1855 1861
Adams, Herbert B. (hus. of Margaret) 1872 1942
Adams, Lillian (dau. of Simon & Sally) 1859 1861
Adams, Louie (son of Wm & Mianda) 1878 1879
Adams, Louisa & Charles (twins of S&S)   1852
Adams, Margaret B. (wife of Herbert) 6/25/1877 1959
Adams, Mianda Stout (wife of William) 1853 1943
Adams, Sally M. (wife of Simon) 1827 1912
Adams, Simon B. (hus. of Sally) 1823 1919
Adams, William E. (hus. of Mianda) 1/28/1850 5/11/1923
Adams, William E. (son of Wm & Mianda) 1879 1882
Bozzard, Mima A. (wife of Samuel)   10/26/1899
Bozzard, Samuel (hus. of Mima)   2/20/1900 76yrs.
Briggs, Caroline (wife of Johnson) 1816 1883
Briggs, Horatio (son of Johnson & Caroline) 1843 1874
Briggs, Johnson (hus. of Caroline) 1814 1888
Church, Addie G. (wife of William H.) 1861 1950
Church, Ina G. (wife of Raymond B.) 5/29/1891 8/1/1980
Church, Raymond B. (hus. of Ina G. 3/24/1887 4/29/1966
Church, William Clair (son of William H.& Addie G.) 1889 4/18/1891 1yr.7 mo.
Church, William H. (hus. of Addie G.) 1863 1931
Clark, Catherine (wife of C.E.) 1875 1897
Clark, Frank H. 1861 1866
Clark, John H. (hus. of Zeruviah) 1828 1913
Clark, Zeruviah (wife of John H.) 1832 1913
Conklin, Charles H. (hus. of Eliza)    
Conklin, Eliza J. (wife of Charles)    
Conklin, Grace Friar (wife of William)   12/ /1949
Conklin, Mart. (son of Charles & Eliza)   5/17/1890 8y.1m.26d.
Conklin, Roscoe (son of Charles & Eliza)   5/15/1881 8mo.24day
Conklin, William   8yr.1mo. 26days
Cornell, George    
Coykendall, Mary Jane    
Densmore, Anna B. (wife of Frank) 4/19/1891 6/7/1968
Densmore, Carl F. Sr. (hus. of Lois E. Robbins) 8/28/1917 4/16/1974
Densmore, Frank J. (hus. of Anna) 7/7/1890 7/21/1952
Densmore, Harold 1895 1915
Densmore, Ida M. (wife of William E.) 1861 1948
Densmore, Infant    
Densmore, Infant    
Densmore, Lois E. Robbins (wife of Carl F. Sr.) 1/10/1930 5/2/2010
Densmore, Virginia A. (dau. of Frank & Anna) 4/27/1916 12/19/1932
Densmore, William E. (hus. of Ida) 1892 1945
Edwards, Christine Church 1930 8/25/1995
Edwards, Leon E.   3/13/1969
Fanton, Edith (dau.of Augustus B. & Wihelmina Schrader)   1882
Fulmer, Ann E. (wife of William H.) 1832 1917
Fulmer, Catharine A.(wife of Ellery) 1844 1918
Fulmer, Charlotte (wife of Joseph)   5/21/1861 83y.2m.8d.
Fulmer, Ellery M. (hus. of Catharine) 1839 1916
Fulmer, Guy 1872 1920
Fulmer, Hattie (dau. of William & Anne) 1868 1887
Fulmer, Infant (dau. of Jacob & Julana)   11/30/1845 20days
Fulmer, Infant of Ellary & Catharine    
Fulmer, Infant of Ellary & Catharine    
Fulmer, Infant of Ellery & Catharine    
Fulmer, Infant of Jacob & ?    
Fulmer, Jacob (hus. of Julana & Joanna Parker) 1810 4/15/1869 59y.5m.21d
Fulmer, Joanna Parker (2nd wife of Jacob) 3/24/1816 5/23/1895
Fulmer, Joseph (hus.of Charlotte)   2/12/1852 81yr.5mo.
Fulmer, Julana (1st wife of Jacob)   12/20/1845 31y.7m.6d.
Fulmer, King H. (wife Lavinia R. buried in Port Allegany PA.) 3/--/1830 9/--/1914
Fulmer, William F. (hus. of Zeruviah) 5/11/1800 6/1/1875
Fulmer, William H. (hus. of Anne) 1828 1924
Fulmer, Zeruviah (wife of William F.) 3/29/1807 12/15/1880
Ganoung, Lena Densmore (wife of Jay H. Ganoung) 1897 5/11/1921
Gardner, James    
Graves, Daniel T. (Civil War Vet.) 1818 9/25/1864
Graves, Eleanor M. (dau. of Danial & Kate)   12/9/1853 3y.10m.19d.
Graves, Infant (dau. of Henry & Samentha)   5/6/1858 10days
Graves, Jacob (Civil War Vet, POW) 1836 1864
Graves, Samentha M. (wife of Henry T.)   5/3/1858 21yr.27days
Graves, Suzannah (wife of Jeremiah)   8/20/1852 64y.5m.13d.
Griggs, Andrew J. (Civil War Vet. wife Sarah) 1842 1915
Griggs, Sarah Ann (wife of Andrew) 1841 1915
H. B. P.    
Halladay, Ella Mary Halsey (wife of Thaddeus) 11/1/1860 10/101934
Halladay, Infant    
Halladay, Infant    
Halladay, Marie E. (wife of Marvin R.) 1895 1958
Halladay, Marvin R. (hus. of Marie E.) 1889 1970
Halladay, Thaddeus S. (hus. of Ella Mary Halsey) 1854 1913
Halsey, Alonzo (hus of Matilda Lake)    
Halsey, Infant    
Halsey, Ira    
Halsey, Lafayette    
Halsey, Matilda Lake (wife of Alonzo)    
Hildebrant, Adaline Densmore 7/3/1919 11/ /1991
Holt, Edna    
Houghtalin, Eliza    
Houghtalin, Infant    
Kendall, Coy (hus. of Mary Jane)    
Kendall, Mary Jane (wife of Coy)    
Knox, Burrell 1877 1881
Lee, Alonzo B. (hus. of Lucinda) 84yrs. 1814 4/20/1898
Lee, Infant    
Lee, Infant    
Lee, Lucinda (wife of Alonzo) 1817 1880
Lee, Wilson (Civil War Vet)   4/4/1865
Lewis, Fremont (son of Giles & Mary) 10/24/1856 5/14/1885
Lewis, Giles (hus. of Mary S.)   4/3/1892 71yrs.
Lewis, Mary S. (wife of Giles)   8/5/1879 41yrs.
Livermore, Alice A. (wife of Edward) 1852 1941
Livermore, Edward M. (hus. of Alice) 1847 7/27/1926
Livermore, Edwin M. (Civil War Vet)   6/17/1861 17y2m17d
Livermore, Leland (son of Edward & Alice) 1896 1970
Livermore, Rebecca (wife of Theodore) 1819 1915
Livermore, Theodore (Civil War Vet) 1818 1885
M. J. C.    
McCarn, Adam R. (hus. of Lucinda N.) 1812 1881
McCarn, Albert A. 1851 1904
McCarn, Lucinda N.(wife of Adam R.) 1817 1893
McClay, Gracie A. (dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon) 1888 7/0/1889
McClay, Leon G. (son of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon) 1890 4/24/1891
McClease, Andrew (hus. of Hannah Lee)   1912
McLease, Hannah Lee (wife of Andrew) 4/10/1848 6/2/1922
Mingus, Adaline Mathewson (wife of Marion) 1852 1900
Mingus, Aurilla "Clara" Kemp (wife of Monroe) 12/27/1856  
Mingus, Bertha (Dau of Monroe & Aurilla "Clara") about 1879 about 1899
Mingus, Charles   5/9/1910
Mingus, Charles (hus. of Mary)   7/24/1889 77yrs.
Mingus, Conrad (hus. of Electa)   9/23/1893 73yr.7mo.
Mingus, Electa M. (wife of Conrad)   1/28/1893 64yr.11mo.
Mingus, Fred G. 1872 1909
Mingus, George (hus. of Susan)   7/29/1890 82y.5m.4d.
Mingus, Helen Mingus (wife of Lewis) 11/14/1889 or 1891
Mingus, Henry 12/31/1848 9/3/1912
Mingus, Lena    
Mingus, Louisa    
Mingus, Marion, (hus. of Adaline) 1846 1907
Mingus, Mary Teater (wife of Charles)   7/16/1879 65yrs.
Mingus, Monroe (hus of Aurilla C. Kemp) 10/4/1848 2/16/1919
Mingus, Silpha A. (dau. of George & Susan)   8/13/1832 1y.6m.14d.
Mingus, Susan (wife of George)   8/9/1875
Mingus, William    
Parker, Harriet B. (wife of Zalmunia) 11/16/1835 4/7/1891
Parker, Zalmunia (hus. of Harriet B.)   7/19/1885 56y.4m.22d
Robinson, H. M.    
Robinson, Melvina (wife of Nathan) 1839 19?
Robinson, Nathan (hus. of Melvina) 1840 1888
Schrader, Bernard B. (hus. of Florence) 5/2/1925 12/31/1994 69yrs.
Schrader, Florence M. (wife of Bernard) 9/10/1926 9/22/1992 66yrs.
Schrader, Kenneth L. (Viet Nam Vet) 8/23/1949 4/11/1990
Sibble, David D. (hus.of Rita) (Viet Nam) 6/10/1944 4/5/1997
Sibble, Rita Cook (wife of David) 10/5/1948  
Simkin, Elsie (dau. of George & Mary)    
Simkin, Lucretia Empson (wife of William) 1842 1922
Simkin, William (hus. of Lucretia Empson) 9/19/1840 8/2/1909
Spicer, Sindona (wife of S. A.)   10/23/1891 71yrs.
Stout, Adaline Stout (wife of William A.)   5/3/1863 35y.5m.11d.
Stout, Altha (wife of Merville ) 10/30/1851 11/ 17/1947
Stout, Charles (hus. of Sally) 11/3/1817 5/16/1900
Stout, Clarie E. (dau. of Merrill & Althea) 7/18/1821 8/21/1872
Stout, Freelove S. (dau. of Charles & Sally)   7/18/1862 8y.10m.7d.
Stout, Gordon (hus. of Margarett)   4/10/1865 79y.11m.9d.
Stout, Helen   1/20/1965 72yrs.
Stout, Leander M. (son of Charles & Sally)   1863 11yrs.
Stout, Louis   5/ /1950
Stout, Margaret T. (dau. of Charles & Sally)   9/20/1855 4y.1m.7d.
Stout, Margarett (wife of Gordon)   12/19/1876 90y.7m.3d.
Stout, Merville Gordon  (hus. of Altha) 11/17/1849  3/3/1916
Stout, Sally Ann (wife of Charles) 5/12/1822 5/6/1889
Stout, Theresa O. (dau. of Charles & Sally)   9/22/1868 16y.11m.12d.
Stout, William A. (hus. of Adaline) 1825 1902
Stout, William A. (son of Wm & Adaline)   9/29/1853 2y.1m.14d.
Thompson, Charles R. (hus. of Hyacinth) 1837 1919
Thompson, Hannah (Mother) 1798 1886
Thompson, Hyacinth (wife of Charles) 1842 1918
Thompson, Mary J. 1841 1894
Trask, Philip (son of J. H. Trask)    
Voorhees, Alida B. (dau. of   7/29/1801
Voorhees, Luke (hus. of Mary)   2/26/1861 80yr.2day
Voorhees, Mary (wife of Luke)   4/27/1869 82yrs.
Wells, Perry G. (hus. of Roselia) (Civil War)   1/1/1880 38y.2m.1d.
Wells, Roselia S. (wife of Perry)   2/14/1915 84y.10m.21d
Wicks, John (Civil War Vet)    
Willis, James B. (son of Donald & Verna))   4/16/1950 1day
Wood, Calvin M. (hus. of Mary & Hannah & Lucretia) 5/21/1827 5/25/1901
Wood, Hannah Stewart (2nd wife of Calvin M.) 1838 1880
Wood, Hettie M. (dau. of Calvin & Hannah) 1870 1872
Wood, Lucretia Hincher (3rd wife of Calvin) 1838 1915
Wood, Mary A. Saxton (1st wife of Calvin M.) 1826 5/7/1864 37y.9m.25d.
Z. P.