Excerpts, clippings, transcriptions & a few original items....That's how the old version of our website started out in 2003 and the section of "Interesting Stories of Yesteryear" became the most popular area of the website.

It is hoped that our motto takes true meaning here, "A Story Worth Telling..."!  The local history based articles, the "Stories and Folklore" mix and match and become real whether they are or not!

Whether about Pioneers of the Genesee Country called Allegany, or about the growth through the forests of tall trees, or the industries that sprung up and as quickly fell back down, or the families who created businesses that flourished, the individuals that lived, died, and made their mark or became history, of the oil boom, twice, these are the stories of Yesteryear to read, to study and to learn of the wonderful attributes that make Allegany!

Today we can look back and marvel at the hardy souls that were able to exist with sometimes impossible odds such as the oil-well shooter, or the farmer who had nothing on his land except trees, or the wife of the original family to own and reside in Allegany as she visited the natives and survive the hardships of the times.

Fact Based Stories, Anecdotes, Folklore, Some Original Stories and a bit of Serendipity provide the space to do what we set forth on this website, and at the Allegany County Historical Society...."A Story Worth Telling".

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