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ANGELICA (1805):  Certainly one of the prettier sounding names in the nation is the town & village of Angelica.  Phillip Church, the benevolent founding father of the County named his new County Seat after his mother – Angelica Schuyler Church.  Her husband was John Church a great friend of George Washington. Angelica’s sister Elizabeth married Alexander Hamilton.   The pistols used in the famous Hamilton –Burr duel rested in Villa Belvidere for many, many years.  In the southwest corner of the town lies the hamlet of Transit Bridge. In 1809 a bridge was built here and supposedly was the first bridge across the Genesee River.  It lies exactly on the transit meridian survey line separating the Morris Reserve land purchase and the Holland Land Compny purchase.  The current bridge stands a few yards upstream (South) from the original.



The map below is from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.

Click here to view larger map.

Map of Angelica, N.Y.


The following map shows Angelica in 1856. It's from a map of Allegany County published by Gillette, Matthews & Co.

Angelica 1856


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