(Top picks: Agriculture Timber Oil Manufacturing Blacksmithing Ice Harvesting )

Industry in Allegany County has been diversified and fluid.  Not many industries have lasted in the true meaning of the Manufacturing term, but, many have flourished with peaks and valleys of success.

Foremost of the Allegany County Industries have been Agriculture & Farming, Timber and Oil.  Others such as Manufacturing came along and may not have lasted long in some cases, but, left an irrevocable mark on the county history.   Others emerged from consolidations and are still with us today and their histories need to be told.  Our county is a limited Manufacturing based county, but, have very interesting and historical companies.

It is hoped that you will enjoy and learn of the various types of Industry that have dotted our county map during our 200+ years including Blacksmithing & Ice Harvesting.

If you have, stories, clippings or perhaps artifacts representing the Industries of Allegany County, that you will share,  please contact us.

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