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CENTERVILLE (1819):  The hamlet of Centerville supposedly was named for it location in the “center” of the confluence of several valleys.  The township name evolved from there. Formed from Pike (now in Wyoming County) January 15, 1819.

THE TOWN of Centreville was created by an act of the legislature passed Jan. 15, 1819, out of territory which from March 6, 1818, had been included in Pike; Pike having been taken from Nunda at that date, and originadly including beside present Pike, Hume, Centreville and Eagle. Nunda was formed from Angelica, March 11, 1808; and Angelica from Leicester, which was formed March 30, 1802. Previous to 1802 Leicester had for a short period formed a part of Northampton, a town which included all the Holland Purchase and considerable territory east of it.

So Centreville has formed a part in succession of Northampton, Leicester, Angelica, Nunda and Pike. Centreville was designated on the map of the Holland Purchase as township six, range two, and although the deeds refer to the survey as having been made by Joseph Ellicott, William Rumsey subdivided the township into lots in July and August, 1807.



The map below is from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.

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Map of Town of Centerville, N.Y.



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"I would like to invite you to visit my web site which contains information about immigrants from Wales in Allegany County, specifically in the Town of Centerville, County Line Cemetery and the Welsh Congregational Church 1846-1890. I have information about the records and membership lists for the church. I would like to suggest a link to my page. This is the address: "

Barbara Henry
Upstate New York Welsh Heritage


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