Our county holds a treasure trove of stories and artifacts that are worth preserving and sharing.  The Society is ready to accept gifts of historical value related to Allegany County and it’s People.  

ACHS's Mission is to foster an interest in and knowledge of the history of Allegany County through the collection, preservation and interpretation of objects and archives of local significance.

The Research Center will accept collections, including paperbound records, family papers, photographic collections and computer prepared records.  The Museum will accept an almost unlimited collection of items that historically represent our rich culture.

We reserve the right, if a community within the county maintains a local museum and/or historical society we may either distribute or loan materials to them when applicable to that community for their use.

It matters not, a little or a lot......Everything we can record and hold for future generations will enrich their lives in the future!

If you have items to donate please contact us at our office via email (  ) or telephone, (607-478-5390), and leave a message if we are closed.

Items which can be mailed through U. S. Postal Service, our mail address:

Allegany County Historical Society; P. O. Box 252; Andover NY 14806

Items that have to be delivered (UPS, FedX, Truck) address for shipment:

Allegany County Historical Society; 11 East Greenwood Street; Andover NY 14806