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Rushford ca.1907 - Submitted by Richard Palmer


RUSHFORD (1816):  Early settlers wanted to name the town after Windsor, Vermont from where they came but there was already a Windsor, N.Y.. A common held belief as to the name of Rushford origin is that rushes abounded along the banks of the creek where settlers could “ford” the stream. Another one is that is was named after Dr. Rush of Philadelphia who resided there eventually. The foundations of building in the former hamlets of East Rushford and Kelloggsville can occasionally be seen when the water of Rushford Lake is lowered in the winter-time. Formed from Caneadea March 8, 1816.



The map below is from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.  Click on the map for a larger view.

Town of Rushford
Town of Rushford Map (2004)

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