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"New York and Pennsylvania Railway", by Steve Cotton

Author Steve Cotton takes you for a ride along the New York and Pennsylvania (NYP) Railway. You learn about early history of the NYP in the introduction. Throughout the chapters you travel along the line in the order as if you were on a passenger train. First leaving the Erie Junction at Canisteo and traveling down Bennetts Creek through the towns of Greenwood and West Union (Rexville) and pass the marsh into Whitesville. From here you pass the Pennsylvania board along Cryder Creek to Genesee. Then your train travels along the west branch of the Genesee River to Oswayo where it scoots along the Oswayo Valley into Shinglehouse and back across the border to Ceres, NY. Each chapter you see images and read the history of each stop. The book continues with chapter on equipment and images of various steam locomotives. The conclusion the reader will read about talks regarding wrecks and floods and what's left of along the line today.

$20.00 (tax included)





Dearest Bea"Dearest Bea", Compiled by John and Linda Common and Mary B. Johnston; Designed by Nicole Borman

During World War II
Handwritten letters from an adoring husband to his wife. Unique historical documents written by a young dentist taking care of American soldiers, witnessing the colossal impact of war on landscapes and cityscapes of Germany. As you read how Andover dentist John Robert Common processes these experiences, you will get to know a man who loves his wife and young son. You will see that he is funny, optimistic, hard-working and tenderhearted.

Before tax: $36.82. Sales tax: $3.13. Total, each book: $39.95 




Abel Root Sr. And His Descendants Of Bolivar New York -Paperback"Abel Root, Sr., of Bolivar, New York and His Descendants”, by William A. Paquette

Just released! From William A. Paquette, author of “The Pink House, The Legendary Residence of Edwin Bradford Hall”.  Abel Root, Sr. of Bolivar, New York and His Descendants and its Allied Families of Barber, Crandall, Evans, Garthwait, Holly, Hulbert, Jewett, Kellogg, Pire, Richardson, Wilcox, and Withey, is a four-hundred year genealogical narrative that began In Badby, England. More information about the book.

$45 plus shipping ($7.50 and tax (if applicable). Supplies are limited. Call Ron Taylor at (585) 610-8668 to reserve your copy.






Barbara and the CordBarbara and the Cord, by Andrew Phelan

This is the charming story of Barbara Chapin Williams who wanted to bring art and culture to rural America. She had a couple of successes and then married and redirected her life. Her story includes a 1937 Cord automobile that she was given when she graduated from high school in 1937 and it remained with her for the rest of her long life.

In stock, call ahead to reserve; Selling Price $35.00; Shipping +$5.50.






Becoming the Village Potter - coverBecoming the Village Potter, the life of Linn L. Phelan. (Author, Andrew L. Phelan)

This lavishly illustrated book follows potter, teacher and cultural activist Linn L. Phelan’s long productive career from its beginning in Rochester, New York through his Maine years at Rowantrees Pottery and in Saco where the first Linnwood Pottery was established. Phelan was the founding potter at the School for American Craftsmen at Dartmouth College and accompanied it when moved to Alfred University. After the school went to RIT in Rochester in 1950, he reestablished Linnwood Pottery in Almond and spent the rest of his life creating his distinctive pottery and engaging in cultural initiatives.

In Stock, call ahead to reserve; Selling Price $45.00 +$5.50 Shipping.




 "Free" - Author, Andrew L. Phelan - CoverFree “ (Author, Andrew L. Phelan)

This book is based on the authors’ letters home from Vietnam. His story and the letters are placed in contrast to letters home written by one of his ancestors during the Civil War. Both the Civil War and the Vietnam War were terribly divisive wars and this book gives the reader insights into both the nature of war and the impact it has on individuals.

In Stock, call ahead to reserve; Selling Price $24.00 +$5.50 Shipping.






On the Road - coverOn the Road, Into the Woods, In the Garden and Within the House (Author/photographer, Andrew L. Phelan)

Part travel book, part naturalist’s journal the book examines the world of the author/photographer with collection of photographs and essays. The photographs, taken over a number of years are in glorious color. Perfect for holiday gift giving.

In Stock, call ahead to reserve; Selling Price $35.00; Shipping +$5.50.



The Writer She Wanter to BeThe Writer She wanted To Be. (Author, Helene Coogan)

This book is a posthumous collection of 50 poems and one short story by the author of a series of history books centered on the Southern Tier of New York State. These poems were written many years before her history series and give readers insights into the author of those books. For those who know her through her historical writings, another side of the author is revealed.

In stock, call ahead to reserve; Selling Price $25.00; Shipping +$5.50.




Pink House Book Cover

"The Pink House, The Legendary Residence Of Edwin Bradford Hall And Succeeding Generations In Wellsville, New York", by William A. Paquette

The history of The Pink House, in Wellsville, N.Y., is unique because it is one of the few Victorian-era residences to remain in the possession of the same family for four generations. As you page through the story of The Pink House enjoy the travel back in time to Wellsville's early days. Rediscover the accomplishments of Edwin Bradford Hall as a successful druggist, a gifted amateur fossil collector, and talented architect. Rediscover the roles played by Antoinette Farnum Hall, her daughter Fannie Hall Carpenter, and Mrs. Hall's sister, Louise Farnum Brown, in the establishment of Wellsville's David A. Howe Public Library.

Hardcover: $50.00 per copy, including tax (was $50, now on sale for $39.00!)

Softcover:  $35.00 per copy, including tax

About the Pink House Book 




Fields Of Learning front

Fields of Learning : A Retrospective of One-Room Schools in Allegany County, New York
by William A. Paquette

"One room schools have always fascinated me because they were centers of learning where all grades were taught simultaneously and they were locally funded by the parents and the community without federal financial aid and almost no state educational assistance. One-room schools were the product of a patriotic agricultural Americ, which believed that education enriched one religiously, promoted economic opportunity and social mobility while anchoring communities around a school. 

"In  writing this history on one-room schools in Allegany County, I hope to return to the Country and its residents a concise history as a way to thank the educators and schools who nurtured me through thirteen years of learning." -- William A Paquette, Author.

$25.00 per copy, including tax.

About "Fields of Learning"




Allegany County in the 20th Century

Allegany County in the 20th Century : Stories of Change
by Craig R. Braack and the Allegany County Bi-Centenial History Book Committee

Published in 2006 as part of our Sesquicentennial Celebration, this delightful book chronicles the second hundred years of Allegany County.  (Many Photos!!!)

192 pages, heavily illustrated
Books are in stock and available at Allegany
County Historical Society (ACHS) Museum Bookstore or you can order by mail.


$35 per copy, including tax



Reflections a pictorial history of Allegany County

Reflections : A Pictorial History of Allegany County
Presented by The Wellsville Daily Reporter
Publisher, Oak Duke

 A compilation of photos from Allegany County's past. Provides us with a window into a bygone era.

128 pages, heavily illustrated


Was $20, now on sale for $12 per copy, including tax


A History of Allegany County Part I

A History of Allegany County, NY : Part 1 to 1906
Written by Oak Duke

Allegany County, like many of the surrounding counties in Western New York, was a wildlife paradise and pristine natural environment until 1800 and the settlers moved in. Allegany County is unique, geographically speaking.

This book is filled with photos and detailed information pertaining to Allegany County. Many photos!

128 pages, heavily illustrated

$25 per copy, including tax




Legacy : My Ancestors and a Town Called Angelica
by Julie Rowe Cooke

A mini-history of railroading in Allegany County, New York area a guidebook for budding genealogists, and a love letter to the Town of Angelica and its residents, both past and present.

The author vividly paints a portrait of her family history which is truly inviting.


 $15 per copy, including tax