WELLSVILLE (1855):  The hamlet chose its name of Wellsville about 1832 in honor of Gardner Wells, one of its largest landowners.  The present village of Wellsville was still very small when the Erie Railroad came through in 1851.  Its population increased rapidly and the name was unofficially changed to Genesee Station, as this is where westbound trains first entered the Genesee Valley.  The U.S. Post Office refused to honor this name change due to its close similarity to well established Geneseo in Livingston County.  The state legislature ended this confusion by passing a law in 1873 making the original name of Wellsville its permanent name.  Town formed from parts of towns of Scio, Andover, and Willing, on November 22, 1855.



The maps below are from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.

Click here to view a larger map of the town.   Click here to view a larger map of the village.




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