By action of the Board of Regents, New York State Eduction Department, the following was acted upon: 

No.  24


Wellsville, Allegany County

A provisional charter was granted to this corporation on December 17, 1971.  The Society has been dormant since about 1976 and no members of the last known board of trustees survives as such so that the trustees have been unable to hold elections or transact business. The following individuals have petitioned the Board of Regents to change the corporate name to “Allegany County Historical Society,” to change the corporate address to P.O. Box 588, Wellsville, New York 14895, to restate the corporate purposes, and for appointment as trustees for the purpose of reviving the charter: Ronald G. Taylor, William Leilous, Leonard Watson, Mary Rhodes and Robert Dorsey.  The Office of Cultural Education recommends that the Board of Regents appoint the aforementioned petitioners as new trustees of the corporation for purposes of reviving the provisional charter; and that the provisional charter be amended to change the corporate name, to restate the corporate purposes, and to change the corporate address, as requested. It is further recommended that the provisional charter be extended for a period of five years to allow the corporation additional time to expand its membership and financial support, begin gathering a collection, seek a suitable facility for exhibits and collections storage, develop suitable forms and procedures for collections and otherwise demonstrate that it can meet the requirements for an absolute charter.


On 4/20/2010 the Allegany County Historical Society  was granted a "revived" Charter by the Board of Regents, New York State Education Department.

At an Organizational Meeting, May 3, 2010, the Appointed Trustees met and elected the officers to serve for the period ending December 31, 2011.  By-Laws and Constitution were enacted and the Society was formed for the work described in the Charter.