HUME (1822):  At one point in time it was called Cold Creek but the name was changed to Hume.  It is generally agreed upon the township took its name in honor of the British historian and philosopher David Hume. The largest settlement in the town is the now hamlet of Fillmore, formerly a village. This was dissolved on December 14, 1993, by a vote of the residents. 

When the hamlet became large enough for a post office to be established, they applied to the federal government and were denied due to an adequate number of such offices in the area.  The fine citizens were not happy with this so they appealed to the President stating they would name their new community after him if he would intercede on their behalf.  The President was Buffalo native Millard Fillmore and the rest is history.

Also here is the hamlet of Mills, which is named after Roger Mills, a very prominent early settler who built mills along the streams.  Formed from Pike, which was in Allegany County at the time but now in Wyoming County. February 19, 1822.



The map below is from the 2004 edition roadmaps published by the Allegany County Department of Public Works.

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