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(see also: Industry in Allegany County, N.Y.)

These pages are dedicated to the farmer in Allegany County.

When the first pioneers arrived in Allegany County they faced land covered by forest.  After clearing enough land to develop a building spot for their home they had to clear land to plant crops & support the family food line, thus, the development of Allegany County's first industry, agriculture & farming.

Today the Agriculture industry still exists in Allegany County, but, has grown by necessity to an industry driven by large production.  In recent years the Amish Community has grown rapidly within the county and have re-activated a large number of dormant farms.

The items that are linked from this page will hopefully chronicle the many areas of agriculture that have been an important part of the history in the County.  Feel free to contribute to this area and send along information of anything connected to the farms of Allegany County.  Check back from time-to-time for new material.

If you have something of interest from the past, share it here by submitting stories, pictures, whatever tells the story of the Agriculture of Allegany County, by going to the menu item at left, "Get Involved" and then "Donate to Collections".  You will find an email link to our Webmaster.