Known Blacksmiths

Town of Alma, NY

by Ron Taylor

* Samuel Wyvel – Came to Alma 1852; Owner of Record Book now owned by Ron Taylor-1860 Census Listed as Blacksmith, Aged 43(Spelled Wivel); Aged 65 on 1880 Census.

* Charles Wyvel –son of Samuel;  Charles was born at Livonia, NY c.1839.(Based on his membership statement G.A.R.); 1860 Census Listed as Blacksmith, Aged 20); He listed his occupation in 1897 as farmer.  He entered military service July 1861 as Pvt. Co. C 3rd NY Cavalry.  (It is possible that his blacksmith experience was put to use during the civil war.) He was a member of H.C.Gardner Post 247 GAR of Bolivar joining August 7, 1897.  He withdrew November 25, 1911 to join the Wellsville Dexter Post on December 9, 1911.  A copy of his demit from Bolivar post is on file in archive folder at David A. Howe Public Library, Wellsville, NY. (Researched by Ron Taylor)

* Samuel W. Wyvel, Aged 33, 1880 Census, Blacksmith, Son of Samuel

* Wells Wyvel, Aged 28, 1880 Census, Blacksmith

* Stoil(?) Tyler; Aged 30 on 1860 Census listed as Blacksmith

* William McLeland; b.NYS in 1800

* Andrew Burdick, 35, Blacksmith, 1880 Census,

* John Snowden, 33, Blacksmith, Born in Scotland; 1880 Census

* John Stonham, b. England

* Thomas Richardson; b England 1814; Shop near Allentown

* John Johnson; b.NYS 1823

* Michael Diver; b. NY 1820

* Eleazer Finch; b.NYS 1818; Worked near border of Town Willing in Stone Dam Area

* James R. Western; b.NYS 1825; Operated near Allentown.

* John Tungstead;  Allentown Blacksmith;  Woodlawn Cemetery records 1857-1937