(transcribed by Ron Taylor-May 2002) 

In 1979 a friend of mine noticed some old books being placed at the curb for the landfill and salvaged a few for safekeeping.  I was fortunate enough to have one of those books given to me and have only recently realized the value.....intrinsic as it may people who love history and geneology.  I personally was happy to prove a date of my gggrandfather, Benj. Quick's, first appearance in the Town of Alma.  Since many of the Town records were lost by fire, perhaps this will be of value to someone else.

This Blacksmith(or farrier) is unknown, but, he should be cherished for the record he kept & for the entries in beautiful hand-cursive.  Many of the names in the book are better identified in the 1806-1879 Beers, "History of Allegany County, N.Y..  However, for those not previously in print, perhaps this will give someone a chance to connect with time.  No addresses are provided in the book other than "Alma" with quite accurate dating. Keep in mind, this transcription is from fancy cursive & I can make error in translation.  The "Smithy's" spelling is shown & is subject to his knowledge.

The entries throughout the book are brief descriptions of  work done for individuals in the Town of Alma.  Some of the descriptions are interesting because of the type of work he did.  "Fit shoe; 1 found", "Make Irons ", "Mend Hook", & "Put on Shovel Handle" are a few, but, most of his work was for the lumber mills and logging companies dotted throughout the Town of Alma.   My gggrandfather was charged 38cents to "do 1 new shoe" which must have included the shoe for 25 cents & fit for 13 cents.  Many individual entries state "fit shoe" 13 cents. A large single charge was to my GGGrandfather for $3.00, "Shoeing Oxen, New". (August 20, 1858)

I would like to know who this Blacksmith was.  I will share info with anyone if requested.

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List of Names, Inside Cover 

H. R. Stevens & Co

John A. Foland

J. S. Thomas

John Burt & Son

Shed Hubbell

T. Daggett & Co.

Gilbert Chaple

D. C. Judd

D. Bidwell

George Smith

J. W. Burt

A. Hurlburt

A. Trask

H. Mix

R. Scott

R. Daniels


Many pages were taken up by H. R. Stevens & Co; The 1st entry in the book starts August 1, 1856. The last date is Jan 10, 1859.  It appears they were his largest account and the balance due was sizeable for the time at $172.56 - March of 1857.  On June 1st, 1858 the "Smithy" converted his entries from quill pen to pencil.  The entries are much easier to read from that date forward.

Other names:


Ackerman & Shoff

Ackerman,  James

Adams,      Bradford

Benson,     Alex

Benson,     Alexander

Bidwell,     David

Blakeley,    A.

Bradford,    S.

Bunt,         J.N.

Burrows,    Arvis

Burt,         John W.

Canfield,    Rev. E.

Cannon,     Abe.

Chace,               E.

Chandler,   Henry

Chapel,      Stephen

Cole,         Benj.

Daggett,    T.

Danels,              Russle (?)

Daniels & Scott

Dyke,        George

Elliott,               L.B.

Elster,               C.C.

Fay,          C.C.

Golf,          E.

Graves & Answorth

Graves,      Jerry

Graves,      William

Griffins,     Philip

Griffith,      Elias

Halbert,     John

Halbert,     Sylvester J. (or I.)

Hall,          George

Harding,     Rufus

Harmon,     A.

Hubbell,     John

Hubbell,     Shednick

Hurlburt,    Azor

Jackson,     A.S.

Jones,               Wm.

Karns,               Patrick

Kenyon,     John

Lane,         William

Lockwood,  John

Maywood,   Nathanel

McDermot,  Pat

McDonald,  J.R.

McDonald,  John R.

Mitchel,     Henry

Mix,           Henry

Moran,               Will

Mulkins,     Lon

Newton      Elder

Oliver,       William S.

Pike,         Mark

Ploff,         G. E.

Quick,                Benj. H.

Rowel,               John C.

Scott,                Ruphus

Shaw,                Daniel

Sherwood,  Ephram

Shoff,                Henry, Jr.

Smith,               S. A.

Snow,                A. L.

Stebbins,   S.B.

Strickland,  Martin

Thomas,    James S.

Thompson, G.W.

Thompson, J.

Vaughn,     D.

Welch,               M.

West,                Samuel

Western & Belnap

White,               Samuel B.

Wilson,      Griff

Wood,               Louis