c. 1883 Oil Section Map of Allegany Oil Field

(From Collection of Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern Railroad Historical Association (PS&NRRHA) 

Copied from a faded yellow partial insert to "The Allegany County Republican" Newspaper, undated.

Printed on end of map: "Up to the date of the recent development in the "646" or latest developed field in the Warren, Pa., oil field, the development of the Allegany field was unprescedented in rapidity and extent, over 1,500 wells being bored within about one year, giving a production of about 23,000 barrels of crude petroleum daily, not counting the large quantity running to waste.  In the thicker portion the derricks in many cases are but a few feet apart.  Much good territory remains to be yet developed.  The oil is forced up by escaping gas, from its place of deposit in porous rock about 1200 down."