(Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer)

(Unknown year and unknown publication; transcribed from a tattered and disappearing newspaper clipping.  Best estimate of date is ca.1890 +/- 5 years.)

New Oil Field Near Bolivar


Bolivar, N. Y., Nov. 30 – A new oil filed has been opened up one mile down the valley which is attracting considerable attention among oil men.  The new pool is located on the LeSuer and Cawley farms and some mighty good wells have been drilled in during the past few weeks.

            Men who have followed the oil field from Pithole to the Allegany oil field, many of whom have witnessed mother earth issuing the amber fluid at 1000 barrels a day in other fields in the days of “auld-lang-syne”, freely predict a bright future for this infant pool.  Every farm and available piece of property along the valley as far south as the village of Little Genesee, has been leased.  Many village lots below the corporation line on lower Main Street have also been leased.  Rigs are springing up like mushrooms and it (is expected) that a dozen strings of (tools will) be running in the new (pool in ten) days.

            About a year ago Wilbur and McDowell secured a lease of a part of the C.E. LeSuer farm.  This property was never considered worth drilling because many of the “wise ones” thought it was out of the oil belt.  This firm drilled in their No. 6 on this farm a few days ago which started at a 50-barrel gait.  This is the best well drilled in by this company.

            Root & Co. have a 60 acre lease of the Cawley farm in the new pool.  They drilled in their No. 5 on Friday which flowed for a time through the casing.  It was put to pumping on Sunday and produced better than 40 barrels.  The well was shut down because the sand cut the(????) off.  This firm is composed of E.F. Root, Asa P. Root, cashier of the State Bank of Bolivar, and Lew Appleby, who has been employed as a driller in this field for several years.

            “Uncle Cy” LeSuer is perhaps the happiest man in Southern Allegany, because of the newly discovered pool.  “Cy” represented the town of Bolivar on the board of supervisor for some years and was a popular and influential member, Properly speaking “Cy” is an agriculturalist, but his closest friends have visions of his becoming a full-fledged oil man in the near future.

            When the oil tide swept over Southern Allegany, “Cy” owned his present farm which was said to be one of the most productive dairy farms in this section.  But he gave up farming a few years ago, after amassing a comfortable fortune, preferring to pass his reclining years in happiness and contentment.

            Oil men were always reluctant about leasing this farm believing it to be worthless for oil or gas.  “Uncle Cy” thought differently and subsequent events have proven that he had the best think.  He retains the greater portion of the farm and drilling has already begun on his No. 1 venture.

            The fate of the new pool will be determined within the next few weeks.  Stakes have been driven for new locations on leases all around the new pool, in an effort to “get in” on this dream stuff.