Transcribed from the Belmont Dispatch, July 1, 1904.



Standard (Vacuum) Beaten in Attempts at Usurpation

The Standard (Vacuum) adopted fighting tactics in the Scio field last week in an attempt to force a right of way across James Reese's farm. They were forbidden by both farm owner and lessees. The latter, the Norton Oil Co. & Baldwin, have a clause in their lease from Mr. Reese, ratified in writing by Mrs. Otto Beever who claims an interest in farm, granting them the “exclusive right to lay and remove pipes”. Arthur Henry of Bradford acting for the usurping pipe line (Vacuum) had Mr. Reese arrested for keeping the trespassers off his own property. Justice Browning held him under bail bonds to keep the peace. Through the efforts of Jesse Grantier, acting for Mr. Reese, Judge Reynolds granted a certificate of reasonable doubt and Mr. Reese is relieved of any onus till after trial in county court when he will undoubtedly be cleared and may have a good case for damages on false arrest.

While Reese was under arrest Arthur Henry had men lay pipes on the Reese Farm. Later Reese forced them to take them off. In the dark of 2 o'clock Sunday morning Henry's men relaid the pipe 70 [rods?] across the Reese farm. At noon Sunday Homer Elliott and Horace Davis acting for the Norton Oil Co. who have an exclusive right to remove as well as to lay on the Reese farm, cut the Vacuum pipe line in 36 places on the [???] and removed the pipe by hand. Early Monday morning an injunction was granted restricting the Vacuum (Standard) from laying pipe on Reese Farm pending the judicial settlement of the rights.