Transcribed by Jaylyn Thacher

Wellsville Daily Reporter, June 12, 1935


Taylor Triangle No. 1, 56 Years Old June 12th

Taylor Triangle No. 1

PETROLIA, June 12--Today adds another milestone to the long road starting June 12, 1879, when O. P. Taylor proved to the world, with his Triangle No. 1, that oil existed beneath the surface of Allegany County.

The old Triangle is still pumping, a symbol of the great industry which has made Allegany county one of the richest sections of New York State.

O. P. Taylor has gone to his just reward but the Taylor name still holds a prominent place in the oil industry of this county.

The story of Triangle has often been told but it never grows old. It is a story of failure, bitter failure, climaxed by success, glorious success. It is a story of one man's undying belief in a great section of this country--it is a story that still thrills the heart of every resident.

The oil business today is a far cry from the crude equipment used by Mr. Taylor in his first venture. Fortunes have been pumped from beneath the earth's crust; towns have grown and prospered; homes have been built and churches and schools have sprung up, all from the proceeds of the liquid gold.

To O. P. Taylor, Allegany county owes a great debt--one that can be paid only in sincere remembrance of his work. So once more, thousands pause for a moment to pay homage to a man who had courage, vision and the will to win against great odds.