The Big Trees of Allegany County (NY)

Compiled by Ron Taylor, 2016

                What a sight it must have been when the first white settlers viewed the forest trails into the country now known as Allegany County NY! 

                Many of the early historical writings of the county mention the “thickets” and “paths under the branches” of the huge native trees as the settlers traveled mostly in the paths laid out before them by the native Indians of the region. 

                In the Town of Alma, now bordered on the west by Town of Bolivar, east by Town of Willing and south by the Pennsylvania line, was some of the thickest and tallest of timber.  It has been written that the species were known to exist heavily in valuable Cherry & Walnut as well as Oak, but the most sought after was the native White Pine which grew in abundance.

                The Town of Alma has produced many timber stories and one is outlined on the website of ACHS as follows:  “The Giant Pine of Alma” (Cut in 1876, after it had been left during initial timbering of the region because of it’s size.)

                Another story is told in a newspaper clipping below which tells of an earlier cutting in 1852 and a huge log from it was shipped to New York World’s Fair.

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Big Tree-Alma-11Mile

Below, Shield Brothers Champion Load, White Pine - Town of Alma

Shield Brothers Champion Load-Alma