Sawmills at Town of Clarksville
from Clarksville Sesquicentennial Book, 1835-1985

A Log of Sawmill Information - Town of Clarksville

  • Joseph Palmer erected a sawmill in 1828 on the site now occupied by Joseph Slaytons steam sawmill.
  • A Mr. Galloway built a sawmill on 1ot 33 which went to decay many years ago.
  • Dusenbury and Congdon built another mill some time after, about 40 rods farther up the stream, and that was burned in 1861.
  • The land upon which these mills stood was owned by J.C.Wright.
  • 1853, Joseph Slayton, who held the distinction of being the 1st child born in the vicinity in 1823 built a water power mill on the old sawmill site and in 1873 it was connected into a steam power mill and was capable of sawing 2,000,000. feet of lumber per annum.
  • Ryders water power sawmill, located on Wolf Creek was built in 1853 by W.B. Ryder and sawed 300,000. feet of lumber per annum.
  • By 1855 there were at least eight sawmills between Clarksville and Obi, a distance of about three miles and the clearing of land began in earnest. Land at that time could be bought for $1.25 acre.
  • Another place I read that the 1st sawmill was erected by Samuel King on Dodge Creek in 1832.
  • I understand that Fred Slayton told Clifford Graves some years ago that his great grandfather Slayton had a saw mill across creek and sawed lumber for the house that Clifford Graves lives in.
  • The Congdon ,.Sawmill was back of store here in town.
  • Lawrence Sisson, Sr. remembers Wagoners sawmill on Wolf Run Rd. in back of Ted Wagoners house.
  • Walter Hunt had a sawmill by Ernout place.Bert Peckhams sawmill this side of pond at Obi.
  • Henry Sisson and Sons by Dean Sissons home.
  • LAD Lumber Co. and later Duttons sawmill.
  • Mill back of Cooper placeand Fred Ryder had a sawmill.
  • Walter Hunt sawed main timbers for Sissons mill.