9th annual 40s 50s and 60s stock car racing luncheon July 27th 2011

This is your invitation to attend the 9th annual CLR luncheon for all those that remember or have a love of stock car racing from those wonderful years of the 40s 50s and 60s.  Drivers, car owners, mechanics, track personnel and track owner/builders from the tracks of  WNY, Ontario and NWPA during that time will be attending. 
A large contingent of drivers, track owners, track personnel and fans from the Jamestown, Buffalo, Rochester, Elmira and southern Ontario area attend each year. Last year drivers and others that were involved with the racing came from 7 States and Ontario to attend the luncheon. By receiving this invitation, you and your family and friends are invited to attend this years event (bring your wife/husband or companion as they have a great time too). The past CLR luncheons have become very popular with the whole stock car racing world it seems and I suggest you get your reservations in as soon as possible before it is completely sold out.  This is your chance to be with and talk with these greats from that era of racing.  A number of the young lyons that are the stock car champions currently, also attend to meet the drivers they have only heard about. Moonwinks can handle 200 people max. and still have room for all of us to move around for visiting with friends, old and new, fans and lovers of 40s 50s and 60s stock car racing that will be there for the luncheon.

When:  July 27th 2011 (Wed)

Where: Moonwinks, just north of Cuba, NY ( 3 miles ) on rt. 305 and 1/2 mile from the CLR track.  Watch your speed on I-86 and in the Cuba area as tickets are given out for any speeding infraction.

Invitation deadline:  I must receive your reservation and payment by: July 15th 2011

Time, luncheon info. and Cost:  registration starts at 10:30 am with lunch starting at approx.12:15. We have use of the restaurant until 4:00 pm so there will be plenty of time for our roundtable program, mc and all of us to visit with friends, new and old, and field those questions from the fans and get driver autographs and pictures.  This year by working with the great folks at Moonwinks, the luncheon cost is the same as has been for may years now, $14.00.  It has always been my goal from the 2003 banquet forward to have the cost as low as possible so anyone that wants to attend can afford to do so.  Our sit down served luncheon will begin with a special for us only "racing salad", rolls & butter, beverage( choice of coffee, tea, iced tea or lemonade).  Mixed drinks, wine or beer may be ordered, but are at an additional cost.  This year you and your companions will have the choice of one of the following two entrees: Scampi style haddock or Roast Turkey with stuffing & gravy. You must let me know how many of each with your RSVP.  The entree you choose will come with potato and vegetable.  Our luncheon will then conclude with a very nice dessert.  Steve, the manager of Moonwinks, is also a lover of 40s,50s and 60s stock car racing and those of you that have attended past banquets will remember the great feed he puts on for us. Steve will go out of his way this year also to see that we are treated as Queens and Kings.
Our luncheon will be "dutch treat" for all attending and the price of $14.00 per person includes everything food wise, beverage (except noted above), tax and gratuity.  Remember I must receive your RSVP and payment by: July 15th 2011 at the latest as no day of the luncheon payments will be allowed.  Because of the guarantee required by Moonwinks, no refunds can be made.  I will not be sending you tickets back.  We will have your name and your companions on a master list that will be marked at registration on the 27th.  Your only job the day of the luncheon is to register, sit back, visit, eat, enjoy our roundtable program  and relax.  Dress code is casual.

Program: This year for the entertainment portion of the luncheon/reunion we will be having a roundtable discussion with questions/answers by four very articulated and knowledgeable gentlemen that represent 40s, 50s and 60s stock car racing in the areas west of Syracuse in NYS, Sothern Ontario and North West PA . Our MC, Larry Dye will be the moderator of the program.  We have done some of the stories at the CLR south luncheons here in Florida over the last two years and they have proved to be very interesting and well received by all in attendance.
You the attendees will be able to be involved by filling out up to two questions on cards that will be given to you at registration.  Below are the bios for the four folks that make up the roundtable participants:

Russell(Butch) Fleetwood,
Butch was born in Buffalo in 1942 and educated at Burgard HS.  He started in the 40s with his love of racing riding with his Dad in the push truck at Civic Stadium.  During the late 50s he raced with the help of his Dad at Civic Stadium and most WNY dirt and asphalt tracks.  65-69, campaigned a street asphalt stocker for one year and 4 years in a modified sportsman.  71-98, Butch did officiating at Holland, Perry, Lancaster and Cayuga.  He was also involed with T.Q Midgets.
With the background in racing above Butch also "knows" everybody in racing from the 40s on.  You won't believe some of the stories and info. he will be sharing with us from those great years of racing in the 40s onward.

Rick Kavanagh,
Although Rick is about a generation younger that most of the alumni of the drivers and others from racing years ago he never the less grew up up in the classic era of dirt track racing.  Rick's father Ken and another gentleman purchased Merrittville Speedway at the end of 1955 season and Rick has been involved with the operation of tracks his Dad has owned over the years.  He also has become friends with many of the people involved with stock car racing from those great years of the racing.  He became co-founder of the the Merrittville Speedway Reunion Committee.  Rick brings with him many stories and good info. that he will be sharing with us at the luncheon on racing in southern Ontario.

Bill Green,
From Andover, NY where he was born many years ago and continues to reside there.  Bill has been very involved with the Allegany County Historical Society website writing many stories and doing research on area people, veterans and most important to all of us Stock Car Racing as it was in the 50s and 60s in the Southern Tier of NYS.  He has a collection of around 2000 photos from Cuba Lake, Angelica, Holland and Perry.  I have gone to Bill a number of times when I get stumped and he has always helped me out.  You will be impressed with the knowledge he has on Stock Car Racing and the people.

Randy Anderson,
Randy's area of expertise is for the far south west section of NYS and NW PA.  He has had a love-affair with racing since his father took him to the races at Stateline Speedway in the late 50s.  He has been a fan, participant, historian and film maker over the years.  He is currently a crew member on a late model and has been since 1985.  He is the "unoffical historian" at several tracks in the area and produced a DVD on Roll-O-Bowl and last year a DVD on Stateline, the first ten years.  We will all enjoy the info. Randy will bring with him to the roundtable.

RSVP: Send payment, $14.00 per person, along with your name and the name of any companions attending with you and the entree choice for each of you to:  Ford Easton, 5200 28th St. N. # 651, St. Petersburg, FL 33714.  Make your check or mo payable to: Ford Easton.  Should you need to contact me, phone 727-522-4042 or e-mail  Remember I must receive your reservation and payment by July 15th 2011.  If you or any of your companions were or are a race car driver please indicate that to me when you send your reservation and money.  Those of you that I know personally that drove, don't need to indicate it.  I just don't want a driver to slip by me without me knowing they drove.