Early Days of Racing..... 

Many of the early days of auto racing were supported by those stars who never made the news....the financial backers and builders of the machines.  Most of those stories are gone, but once in awhile a story  surfaces to be mentioned.

Keith Day was born in Bolivar, NY, Allegany County, and worked in his teenage years with the great-late-Allegany County driver, Jack Thomas of Allentown on the number 57 as mechanic.  These cars raced the early area circuits of Cuba, Angelica, Wellsville, Allentown, Hunt, Olean & Hornell, & occasionally others, if they could get enough parts together!


Above, left, Keith Day, right, Dick Ferraro
After his family started, Keith (& Janet) moved to the Colden,NY area where he owned & operated his own garage business and owned & built race cars.  Here are two cars that Keith was Owner/Builder of and the great winning driver, Dick Ferraro drove.  These pictures are c.1967/1968.


Below photo, was received on March 1st, 2009 from Keith:  Car #91 at Holland Raceway:



"Hi Ron,  This was the first car I built in 1965 at the mid season championship. The car won a total of 17 features in 1965 between North Collins (speedys) race track, Holland and Perry. The guys in pic are,L-R-- Whitey Gorsuch, Ron Bennet, Dick Ferraro, Keith Day and Jimmy Bond. The engine was a Ford Flathead 268.2 cu with 2-2 bbl. carbs, Ward Sager helped me build the engine, He knew his engines. We ran Olean with car part time too.  Keith"