Mostly a Pennsylvania Driver, but, he frequented Allegany County Tracks too, including Cuba Lake Raceway.  He recently attended a Reunion in 2011 at Moonwinks and was captured by the webmaster.....

 Stub-Weigartz left DeVere-Bliss

 (Stub Weigartz at left; DeVere Bliss, right; photo by Ron Taylor)

 Daughter of Stub, Jennifer McConnell, sent a note and these pictures:

"I absolutely love to hear stories of dad's racing days. He turns 80 this April and I got re-interested in it as I am making him a photobook to commemorate those days. He was quite a pistol from what I hear (big attitude to go with the big caddy...). He raced with his brothers in law, Floyd Green and Walt Case, both are deceased now.  I will tell him what you said about Gaylord and Gordon. You know how it goes. He remembers most things well, but some things he has forgotten over time. You know the one pic of him outside his car with the checkered flag? He said to me when I called him to ask about it and he said is that the photo of me outside my car with another guy sitting inside? I said yes and he proceeded to tell me that the photographer wanted him outside the car so the other guy got in to hold the gas pedal down so the car wouldn't stall. He remembered it all from my description of the photo. He is amazing, even at 80. My father is my hero, can you tell?"



At Highland Raceway in Kane, Pa 1955 car 7-11 Obie Ingram, car 131 Stub Weigartz  ( I don't believe my dad actually hit the other car)


At Smethport, Pa 1955 My dad, Stub was driving a 1947 Cadillac, boy was that car big!


At Bradford Speedway, Pa 1956, number 33 was my dad's favorite number.


At Highland Raceway, 1956


Bradford Speedway Champion 1957 with Raymond Schimp, track owner, the car was a 1956 Olds.


Floyd Green car 31 and Stub Weigartz car 33, Floyd was married to Stub's sister. Tragically Floyd's house blew up in a propane explosion in the mid 1990's, he and my dad's sister, Gerry died.


Sportsman's Raceway  in Mills, PA 1963 Champion with track owner Gaylord Miller & his daughter, Floy, presenting the trophy.


Bradford Speedway 1960