Race at Wellsville - 1873

From Andover News - May 3, 1873

Submitted by William A. Greene




    A trotting race is to come off at Pine Grove Trotting Park, in Wellsville, on week from next Saturday.  Open to all horses owned in the county, barring Major Edsell.  The first prize will be an elegant single harness, valued at $60.  Second prize, two fine horse blankets. We suppose admission to the ground will be free, and for the benefits of all concerned, we trust that it will not be so much of a humbug as the last thing called a trot.  Fair Play, gentlemen.

(It is highly probable that this race park was the same location that became known as the Wellsville Fairgrounds after the turn of 1900 and presently is the Wellsville Intermediate School property.  There were several acres nearby the racetrack area that were used as picnic grounds called Pine Grove.)