Trotting Track at Scio - 1873

From Andover News - May 8, 1873

Submitted by William A. Greene



Above 1869 map section for Town of Amity, north of Scio, Across tracks on left of now Route 19. Just beyond the property on right side of highway today is the Rogers Road.




J.H. Clark, Esq., of Scio, has begun the construction of a half-mile trotting track on the farm lately purchased by him of Stephen Rogers, a mile below Scio village. The track has two parallel sides each 219 feet long, joined at the ends by a semi-circle curve having a radius of 2351/2 feet. The track is 33 feet wide. We learn from Mr. Groton, who surveyed it, that the grades on it are easy, and that the soil is a light sandy loam. Mr. Clark has some of the finest horses in the country; and we believe the track is to be constructed mainly for his own private use.