Six Months in the Erie County Penitentiary

(Wellsville Daily Reporter October 17, 1885)  - Researched & Submitted by Mary Rhodes, 2007

Wellsville is rid of the Wilders, for six months at least.  At the conclusion of their trial yesterday, for keeping a house of prostitution, upon the evidence of a Mrs. Taylor, a former inmate of the Wilder establishment, Mr. and Mrs. Dan. Wilder were found guilty.  Justice Nichols sentenced them to six months confinement in the Erie County penitentiary.  Green, the young man who was arrested and held as a partner in their low lived business, was discharged, the evidence not being sufficient to convict.

The trial of the inmates took place this forenoon and resulted in the conviction of all the girls with the exception of Ella Taylor, she being discharged.  Frank Hawley, and Belle Slater will each spend six months within the walls of the Erie County Penitentiary, while Susie Nelson will be committed to the County House for a period of 90 days.