Capt. John A. Travis Complimented by President Wilson, Speaker

Clark, Former Speaker Cannon and Others.

Capt. John A. Travis, who has guarded the door to the executive gallery of the House of Representatives for thirty four years, is showing to his friends three letters he received last week complimenting him on completing his forty fifth year of service in the Capitol.  One of the letters came from President Wilson, another from Speaker Clark and another from “Uncle Joe” Cannon, who said he remembered Capt. Travis on guard when he first entered the House from Illinois in 1873.

He received an appointment to the Capitol force March 15, forty-five years ago, and for eleven years was on duty on the House floor of the Capitol, being assigned for the most part to the main entrance to the hall of the House, because of his exceptional ability to remember faces.  He was transferred to the post at the door to the executive gallery thirty-four years ago, and has been there since, and has a memory stored with acquaintances with presidents; cabinet officers and members of their families.

Being modest in the extreme he did not announce his forty-fifth anniversary in advance, and he says it is not known to him how the three high officials knew aout it.  Neither did he advertise the fact broadcast that he had received the letters.

(Submitted by William A. Greene)