December 22, 1896 saw the death of the then oldest resident of New York State & Allegany County, Peter Cannon.

The following information is submitted to the website by his granddaughter, April.

In the early summer of 2008 I published the 1865 Census of Allegany County and April discovered them....her note:

"Thank you Thank you! The thrill I got from seeing my great great grandfather Peter Cannon on the census images was great. Please thank those who took the time to scan these. According to Peter's death cert and newspaper articles Peter lived to be 118 years old and was the oldest perosn living in NY. I knew this census was out there but to see it was the best! Keep up the good work"

It is so good to see that all the hours we put into the project are beneficial!  Ron, Mary & Linda

Below are transcripts from the "Cuba True Patriot" as researched by John Nangle and assembled by Paul J. Curcio, Belfast NY Town Historian.....

-Mrs. Peter Cannon (Mary) of this place aged 82 died on Monday morning. The funeral was held at St.Patrick's Church Wednesday morning, April 14, 1887.

--May 31, 1894: Allegany County has in its poor house (Angelica) a man by the name of Peter Cannon from Belfast who will be a 100 years old in June, if he lives and there is no reason why he should not for he is hale and hardy as is usually a man of seventy. His age was determined by the reverend father Leddy of Wellsville, NY who took the pains to examine the register in Ireland last year where he found his birth record. Mr. Cannon was a resident of Belfast for about thirty years and still owns property in this place. He was taken to the county home on account of feebleness. (page 1894-2)

-Dec, 17th, 1896: The oldest person in NY State at present Peter Cannon, now an inmate at the Allegany County Alms House has obtained the ripe old age of 118 years. He was born in the village of Baun in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, June 17, 1778. When a young man he came to this country and worked in various locations until he finally located in Belfast, NY where he resided until June 1893 when he was admitted to the Allegany Alms House. For a man of his age he is in remarkably good health. He has two sons, one whom is living in New Jersey, Miss Hyde. Peter is Recognized as being the oldest person in the state of New York. The Elmira telegram last Sunday contained an excellent cut of Peter Cannon and the above article. Mr. Cannon still owns the house a d lot in this village on Chestnut Street where he resided for many years. (page 1896-8)

-Dec. 24, 1896: Peter Cannon Dead - Peter Cannon, who last week credited by the Patriot as being the oldest living inhabitant of New York State, died at the county house at Angelica, Thursday, of old age. As we stated in our issue last week his age was 119. He was born in County
Mayo, Ireland.He leaves two sons and one daughter, Miss Perry Hyde of Black Creek, Charles Cannon of Logue,Pa. and John Cannon of New Jersey. (page 1896-8)

-Dec. 31, 1896 Peter Cannon was burried in the Catholic Cemetery, (Belfast) last Thursday (page 1896-8
Wellsville Daily Reporter - June 5, 1894 as Transcribed & Researched by Mary Rhodes

116 Years Old
Peter Cannon of the County House Born in 1778

For many years, Peter Cannon has been an inmate of the Allegany county almshouse at Angelica.  He was a very old man when he was admitted, but his declaration that his age was 100 years was not believed.  That was 16 years ago.

He said he was born in Ireland.  Father Leddy, of Wellsville, went to Ireland on a visit, and having taken a great interest in old Peter Cannon, visited the parish where he said he was born and examined the register.  To his great surprise he found the name of Peter entered there as having been born on the day, month and year he had always insisted that he was, June 16, 1778.

At 116 this remarkable pauper is as hale and hearty as a man of 70.  An other inmate of the same almshouse is 98 years old and has been in the house 45 years.  Steuben county  has an inmate who has been there 50 years, and who says he is 114 years old.