From Wellsville Daily Reporter - June 5, 1894 - Transcribed by Mary Rhodes

For many years, Peter Cannon has been an inmate of the Allegany county almshouse at Angelica. He was a very old man when he was admitted, but his declaration that his age was 100 years was not believed. That was 16 years ago.

He said he was born in Ireland. Father Leddy, of Wellsville, went to Ireland on a visit, and having taken a great interest in old Peter Cannon, visited the parish where he said he was born and examined the register. To his great surprise he found the name of Peter entered there as having been born on the day, month and year he had always insisted that he was, June 16, 1778.

At 116 this remarkable pauper is as hale and hearty as a man of 70. An other inmate of the same almshouse is 98 years old and has been in the house 45 years. Steuben county has an inmate who has been there 50 years, and who says he is 114 years old.