by Ron Taylor / 2003


Not many people have a Love for A Stone. I do!

What is It? A Buggy Step.

From my early childhood days whenever my family traveled to Wellsville from Allentown and drove thru North Main Street I would look for "My Stone".

"My Stone" rested at the curb in front of the Riggs Home. Jennie Riggs was the daughter of William Taylor, the son of O.P.Taylor of Oil Boom Fame. (I have no proof of relationship to this Taylor Family).

I always thought the stone should be mine one day and sure enough, it is. When Jennie Riggs was forced to nursing home because of health her property was sold and excess goods auctioned. I attended the auction and met the gentleman who had acquired the real estate. He informed me that he was going to have the stone broken up and removed. I exclaimed "I want it" only to be given a time limit of a couple of weeks to get it removed. I hired the moving (3 times since I have relocated twice since the original move) and now have it proudly displayed at my home.

I have since been told that the stone originally dwelled further down North Main Street where William Taylor resided. I was also told that there is a picture of the Taylor Home with the Taylor Stone in view. 

Should any of my facts be incorrect, please let me know so I can add to this "Biography"!

Ron Taylor, December 2003.