(Transcribed by Karen Meisenheimer From Allegany County Democrat - Jan 4, 1877.  Allegany County Historian files.)


The Genesee

            ‘Twas here the Indian wooed his mate,

Along the shores of this bright river,

            And here was sealed the Indian’s fate,

That robbed him of his home forever;

            Yet, ‘tis their name these waters bear,

And often I in fancy see

            Those savage children knelt in prayer,

And worshiping the Genesee.

            But here their council fires grew dim,

And here their war whoop ceased for ever;

            And strangers soon usurped from them,

Their homes along the winding river.

            Though scattered is that noble race,

Who once roved through these valleys free,

            Though rest of all, they love the place

Where flows the rippling Genesee.

‘Twas once their home – the white man came

            And drove them from their homes forever;

Yet ever last that sacred name,

            They gave their wandering river;

Their love was strong, a thousand fold

            More than the white man’s love can be,

For that dear land, their own of old,

            Where flows the rippling Genesee.

                                    ARTHUR HARDING