Transcribed by Crist Middaugh

Alleg. County Reporter, 12/13/1883


The Excursion

The Supervisors and Invited Guests Visit Stony Brook Glen

And Inspect the New County House

The Supervisors, with numerous invited guests, the party numbering over one hundred, participated in an excursion yesterday from Angelica to the famous gorge in the town of Dansville in Steuben County known as Stony Brook Glen, and which is not spanned near the center by one of the finest of modern railway iron bridges yet constructed.

A special train composed of three new cars and a new engine, was provided by the Lackawanna & Pittsburg Co., whose new link or line from Perkinsville, Steuben Co., is almost completed to Belfast and Olean. Within one week trains will be run from Angelica to Perkinsville. By January 1st it is assured that the line will be completed and in full operation between Olean and Perkinsville, at the latter point intersecting the Lackawanna’s main line.

Among the officers of Allegany’s new standard gauge road present were vice president Frank B. Smith, Esq., auditor and treasurer, M. S. Blair, general passenger agent P. W. Coyle, chief engineer Peter and several construction officials and prominent representative citizens of Allegany, there was no lack.

The trip from Angelica to the wonderful glen with its wonderful bridge, was made without material incident and no accident. Two hours were allowed there to inspect the bridge, the glen and surroundings, which were well improved and, in spite of the chilly atmosphere, much enjoyed.

The great iron bridge just completed over Stony Brook Glen is 700 feet in length, 238 feet in height from the bottom of the gorge (6 feet higher than the famous Portage Bridge) and is a triumph of mechanical skill. Large numbers of the party went down the steep sides of the glen and wandered up and down its course. It is a wild, weird, picturesque niche among the wonders of creation, nearly two miles in length, tortuous and ever changing as on treads his way over rocks and among crystal eddies and cascades. A more beautiful spot in nature can scarcely be conceived. Thousands have visited it already, but now with the rand added facilities which this new railroad gives, the thousands will greatly multiply. Next summer there will be many excursions to this attractive spot. At another time we shall have much more to say of it.

The party was safely returned to the new county house at Angelica, where a most excellent dinner was served and which was heartily appreciated.