Bradford Eldred & Cuba Railroad History & One of the Casualties!

“In Memory of Giuseppe Pasquale”

giuseppe pasquale

By Mary A. Rhodes

As I read my way through the 1893 local newspapers, I collected a few small articles regarding the demolition of the BE&C tracks from Wellsville to Bolivar.   A few of these little articles,  displayed prejudices to outsiders in a “normal” way for the times.  The articles made a few neurons click in my brain and I was able to complete the story of one worker.

Taking up the Last Rails (WDR 1893) Frank M. Baker of Addison, was in the city Friday looking after the work on the B.E.& C.  The gang of Italians are now taking up the rails this side of Allentown and the work of tearing up the rest will be soon completed.  The trucks of the old flat cars have been sold to a lumbering firm in the South and the wooden parts will be burned.

Killed by the Cars - Italian ”Joe”, the Gang Boss, Loses both Legs and Dies from the Injury (WDR June 17, 1893) About 7 o'clock this Saturday morning the gang of Italian laborers which is engaged in taking up the iron on the abandoned B.E. & C.R.R., left this station for their work near Allentown.  When the work train was nearing the Main street crossing near the Healy lot, (the present Trinity Lutheran Church) the Italian boss, “Joe” got off to scare some cattle from the track.  While doing so, he slipped and fell with both legs under the wheels, crushing the thigh bones and mangling the flesh.

The injured man was picked up and taken back to the station and laid on a cot under the trees in Geo. McKenzie’s yard.  Geo Baker, of Addison, who is superintending the work, sent for Dr. Witter and Dr. Crandall and it was decided that the only chance to save the man’s life was to amputate both legs and this was accordingly done.  “Joe” was unable to stand the shock of the injuries and died about 10:30 o'clock.

The unfortunate man has a wife and four children in Italy, but no relatives in this country.

Mr. Baker will have the remains cared for till it is known what his friends wish done with them. The man had several hundred dollars saved up and was the foreman of the gang.

Italian Joe Buried (WDR June 19, 1893) - The Italian foreman, Joe, whose other name is not known, was buried from the Catholic church this morning at 9 o’clock.  Interment was held in the Catholic Cemetery.

“Italian Joe” was buried lovingly in this foreign land by his friends and church, in Sacred Heart Cemetery. There is a marker on his grave.  It reads “Giuseppe Pasquale, Mar 12, 1845 - June 17, 1893 - Italiano”.