Hornellsville Tribune

Aug. 9, 1905

                 Erie Milk Train


One May Run From New York.  Looking for Condensed Milk Factory Site.


    Belmont, Aug. 9. - Mr. W.S. Corrie, Erie milk agent, of New York, accompanied by Mr. J.A. Howell, of the Howell Condensed Milk & Cream Co., of New York, also Mr. J.C. Tucker, superintendent of the Allegany division, and Mr. T.F. Powell, division freight and passenger agent of Bradford, were over this division looking up the milk supply tributary to the Erie. They were at Cuba, Friendship and Belmont, leaving Belmont on train No. 6, for the east.

    Mr. Howell is looking up locations this way to establish one or two condensaries and was very much pleased with the outlook at the three places, particularly at Belmont, as the location and facilities he considers unusually attractive.

    Mr. Corrie, Erie milk agent, was looking after the establishment of a New York milk train over this division. He thinks that such a train may be put on in the near future. Mr. Corrie and Mr. Howell will be up again soon to look into the matter more thoroughly.

(Researched, Transcribed & Submitted by Richard Palmer)