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Steam Lives Again!!

 Arcade and Attica-Returns

The Arcade & Attica Railroad's steam locomotive No. 18, a 2-8-0, has returned to service, much to the delight of railfans and excursionists. It is shown here at Curriers. It was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1918 and was purchased from the Boyne City Railroad in 1962 when the A&A went into the excursion business. The A&A hopes to restore its other steamer, #14, a 4-6-0, in the near future, it purchased from the Escanaba & Lake Superior in 1963. Photo by Richard Palmer.

(This railroad, "just over the border" from Allegany County, is shown here due to it's relationship to the former Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad.  NOTES: (Information below is from official website of the A&A RR website)

"The Arcade & Attica Railroad is actually, at least, the third company to operate trains between the villages of Arcade & Attica. Previous to the A&A were the Tonawanda Valley & Cuba*, and the Buffalo, Attica, & Arcade railroads.....

( *The TV&C was the name of the railroad formed by the consolidation of three other lines: the Tonawanda Valley Railroad, the Tonawanda Valley Extension Railroad, and the Tonawanda Valley & Cuba Railroad, which were consolidated in August of 1881.)"

  • Current corporation was chartered on May 23rd, 1917.
  • Formed to keep a railroad in place after bankruptcy of BA&A RR.
  • Still hauls freight 15 miles and runs a 7 1/2 mile excursion business, seasonally.
  • Since 1917 has scrapped 7 steam engines, purchased 3 diesels & 2 steam engines and assorted rolling stock.



The below photos are scanned from original slides taken by Richard Palmer on 8/16/1964 and are shared with us here.

"The photo of the two locomotives is at the engine house. The other is crossing the bridge over the creek in Arcade. The line's engines, #18, at left, a 2-8-0, and #14, a 4-6-0, are no longer in service. No. 14, built in 1917, came from the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad in 1963. No. 18, a 2-8-0 built in 1920, came from the Boyne City Railroad in 1962, the year the A&A became a tourist railroad. Trains are now pulled by the 44-ton General Electric diesel." rp.


#18 at left, #14 at right


#14 Ready to Roll.

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