1956 – Galeton to Burrows discontinued –lack of business

1963 Addison to Elkland Abandoned

The I.C.C. approved the sale of the B&O’s B&S division in 1955 to Wellsville Addison & Galeton Railroad. Along with the right of way, the Galeton shops and rolling stock went six B&S Consolidations. The W.A.G. kept the old B&O number series on these locomotives. Only one engine, the 3127, was ever lettered W.A.G. The rest had B&O on their tanks.

The W.A.G. opered two trains a day, five days a week. One train ran out of Galeton to Elkland where the was a large tannery. The biggest shippers were The Elk Tanning Company and The Eberle Tanning Company of Elkland & Westfield respectively. That is how the railroad obtained it’s once famous nickname, “THE SOLE LEATHER LINE.” The second train daily ran from Galeton to Wellsville where W.A.G. connected with the Erie Lackawanna RR.

1964 – Salzbert Holdings take over Coudersport and Port Allegany Railroad. One train daily was run from Coudersport to Newfield Junction to connect with W.A.G. C.&P.A. kept it’s name.

The ICC approved the abandonment of the Wellsville Branch and the C&PA in May 1970. The Erie Lackawanna (EL) and several shippers filed objections immediately citing their concern over the loss of rail service. The ICC considered the objections but still ruled in favor of the abandonment. More objections were filed but there were no objections to the abandonment of the C&PA. The C&PA's last run was in December 1970 but WAG trains would continue on the Wellsville branch.

The WAG filed its reply with the ICC to the PPUC's objections at the end of 1977. After looking at both sides' reports, the ICC again decided that the WAG could abandon in March 1978.

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