According to Wikipedia, "The spelling of Pittsburgh as Pittsburg in the company name derives from the company’s original 1899 charter. At the time, the official spelling of the name of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was without the “h”. The spelling of the city name was changed to Pittsburg in 1891 due to an effort by the United States government to standardize the spelling of place names in the United States. Bowing to civic protest, the spelling was changed back to Pittsburgh in 1911."

Dennis Snyder has created and maintained a website honoring the Pittsburg & Shawmut, Mountain Laurel, and Red Bank railroads of western Pennsylvania.  It is a personal web site not connected to the former Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad Company or Genesee & Wyoming, Inc., present owner and operator.

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Dennis also maintains a website that was updated 5/17/2013 for the PITTSBURG SHAWMUT & NORTHERN RAILROAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY.  This website address: (Note: When this link is clicked you should have a new page taking you to the website so you can return to the Allegany County Historical Society website.)


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 Pittsburg & Shawmut RR site was created in May 1996 to share history, memories, photos, and information and was last updated 5/17/2013 and is the property of Dennis Snyder.

The Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad Home Page:

The Genesee & Wyoming corporate site is at: 

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